What is Zemits?

Zemits is an American based brand of advanced aesthetic and medical equipment. Having over 10 years in the industry, Zemits is fast-growing into one of the most reputable aesthetic companies worldwide.

Providing a modern, elegant design to all of our units, Zemits promises to elevate your aesthetic practice and add that luxurious feel to any space.

We aim to create long-term connections with all of our clients and help you in being successful with your business whether it is brand new or long-standing - we are here for you! The foundation of our company and our systems are built on the belief in innovative and successful technologies built for aesthetic specialists on all levels.

Deep professional knowledge of the treatment method, improvement of your skills with training on every machine, lifetime customer support and at least 2-year warranty policy — these are just a few of the perks you earn when you partner with Zemits!

Despite our exponential growth, Zemits prides itself in having a team that cares for and dedicates time to each individual client. We know making investments can be difficult and stressful - our goal is to relieve that pressure! At Zemits, we value the idea that "actions speak louder than words". Our clients and partners appreciate us for what we do, not for what we say. That is why Zemits is a pure sign of confidence, quality, and innovation.