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Coolsculpting Machine Price SPA & Home Use

Shape and slim down your body with this non-invasive machine. The best part? There’s no surgery required. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no arguing that. Even if we exercise every day, it’ll take quite a long time for us to lose weight and get rid of fat. That’s not the case with this machine.

Coolsculpting treatment is a safe body contouring procedure that’ll remove up to 25% fat cells. Nothing’s wrong with your body. But putting on too much weight can be detrimental to our health. Get rid of fat and lose weight easily with the Coolsculpting machine.

To learn more, read this guide on everything you need to know about this fat freezing machine and coolsculpting equipment.

What is a coolsculpting machine?

 From love handles to double chins, you can safely remove fat with coolsculpting. This treatment has been proven to be both safe and effective. It doesn’t require any surgery and is non-invasive.

If you’re worried about results, don’t be. Studies have shown that you can get rid of around 20% - 25% fat after one session! But, it’ll take around 1 to 3 months for these results to be obvious.
The coolsculpting machine price differs depending on which handpiece you want.

The Coolsculpting Machine

Let’s take a closer look at the coolsculpting machine. We’ll discuss everything from the product specifications to how the machine works and how much it costs to help you decide whether or not this treatment is worth your money.

How does this coolsculpting machine work?

Think of this as a fat freezing machine. This machine can be used on several areas of the body from your stomach and arms down to your thighs and knees. What this machine does is it freezes fat cells for a period of time to reduce them. Fat cells freeze before the skin does so you don’t have to worry. This procedure is called cryolipolysis.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to liposuction, this is the treatment for you. Note that you cannot do this on your own. This procedure should be done by a professional to make sure that the procedure is done right. A professional can selectively target the body part for the best results.
The patient will have to sit up for around two hours and the professional will place two cooling paddles onto the part of the body chosen by the patient. These cooling pads will suction the skin where fat deposits are present. This will freeze the fat layer and reduce the fat present in your body.

The Machine’s Great Features

3 Applicators in 1.Different body parts require different types of applicators. And this machine has 3 applicators in 1. These 3 applicators are the wing, wing plus, and flat.
The wing applicator is for your abdomen, flanks, and love handles. The Wing Plus, on the other hand, is for the fat below your buttocks, flanks, love handles, bra lines, and the abdomen. The last applicator this coolsculpting machine includes is the flat applicator best used for the abdomen, arms, and thighs. Each applicator has different sizes and shapes ensuring you can use the coolsculpting machine on almost every body part.

360° Surround Cooling Feature. The upgraded 360° surround cooling technology increases efficiency and helps bring the best results. You can remove more fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues and nerve regions. The advanced technology this coolsculpting machine ensures good results. Instead of two side cooling technology that takes longer, this upgraded version allows you to suction more skin at any angle and increases efficiency by up to 18.1%.
Includes a special cryolipolysis probe. Usual coolsculpting machines can only be used on the usual body parts which are the legs, arms, and abdomen. But that’s not the case with this machine. The coolsculpting machine includes a special probe so it can remove fat from small areas like the chin and the knees.

What You Need to Know About This Coolsculpting Treatment

What does this treatment include? If you decide to get this treatment, you can choose which area you’d like to treat. This device can target several body parts and this treatment has tons of choices. Feel free to choose which one you’d like.
1. Your chin and knees using the mini or the special cryolipolysis probe
2. Your abdomen and waist
3. Your love handles
4. Inner and outer thighs
5. Arms and back
6. The sides of your body such as those close to your bra called “bra fat”

What to Expect. Don’t expect any type of surgery. This treatment is non-invasive. In a safe and controlled environment with the help of professionals who know what they’re doing, you can slim down your body and get rid of fat by using this coolsculpting machine guaranteed to get rid of around 20% of fat cells after one treatment. This coolsculpting machine for home use is available and you can invest in one treatment to try it out.

What to Prepare. The first thing you have to do is to choose which part of your body you’d like to treat. And then before you can book a treatment, you’ll need to have your doctor check you. Make sure you are a good candidate for this treatment to avoid any health issues. If you’re fit and healthy, you’ll be just fine. This treatment is completely safe and non-surgical with almost zero recovery time. Checking with your doctor is simply a safety precaution you’re recommended to do.
Once you’re given the go-ahead, apply some anti-inflammatories like aspirin before the procedure. You can also choose to take a before photo so you can compare it to the results.

The Coolsculpting Procedure

During the procedure, professionals will come to help you out. They’ll use high-quality reliable machines. The applicator they will use will depend on what part of the body you’d like to treat.

Once they have gathered everything they need, you’ll be asked to sit down or stand depending on the area of treatment. The professional will first apply the anti-freezing membrane and applicator to the area of your body to avoid damage to the nerves and to deliver controlled cooling to the fat cells.

On the coolsculpting machine, the professional will set the temperature to make sure it’s the right one and to get the right results. He or she should also set the vacuum on the targeted area. The treatment doesn’t take very long. It should be around 30 minutes to an hour-long at most.

Once everything is set, the machine will tell the vacuum to suction the targeted area. You might feel pulling and pinching and there will be a bit of pain. The machine should freeze the fat layer and the fat cells should die. Feel free to read, listen to music, or work on your laptop during the procedure.

After the Procedure

Remember that this isn’t surgery or anything too harsh. There is not much recovery time required. And you can live life normally and enjoy your usual day-
to-day activities almost immediately. However, try to take it easy for at least a day and don’t do anything strenuous to the area. You might feel sore in that area but that’s normal. And the redness will fade after a few weeks.

In terms of results, it takes approximately 3 weeks for you to be able to see obvious results. The optimal and best results will appear around 2 to 3 months after your treatment. Some people require only one treatment while some require multiple ones. It all depends on the body type. To maintain great results, make sure to take care of your body. Exercise when you can and eat healthily. Living a healthy lifestyle will give you a healthy body.

This Coolsculpting Machine’s Pros and Cons

- The treatment is efficient and works quickly
- The Coolsculpting machine is reliable
- The machine is made of strong and high-quality materials
- The treatment works and is completely safe
- It’s very expensive.
- The treatment can cause the targeted area to be sore for a few weeks.
- This treatment is not permanent. If you do not take care of your body and live a healthy lifestyle, the results will not stay. Think of this as a head start to your journey.

The Zemits CoolRestore Elegance

The machine above is already very impressive. But there is another great coolsculpting machine you should know about. And that is the Zemits CoolRestore Elegance. What makes this unique? We’ll answer that question below.
 It has a Smart Treatment Menu
The first great feature this machine includes is the smart treatment menu. This menu includes treatment options that range from gentle to moderate to strong. It all depends on the patient’s wants.  Because of this smart treatment menu, there are 7 working modes available for the patient to choose from. The 7 are eye lifting, face rejuvenation, jawline sculpting, double chin slimming, neck firming, body slimming, and hand revival. The Zemits machine makes sure that you get exactly what you pay for from slimming treatments, to skin tightening ones.

 The Technology
The CoolRestore Technology makes sure the treatment can be customized to suit the client’s needs. The system’s treatment, for instance, can vary from strong to moderate depending on the client. The probe can be switched from small to big depending on the body part. This makes sure that the machine and treatment is able to target the client’s needs and give them results.

FAQ Section

1. Is there a DIY version of this?
If you want to do this at home, you can. Most people use ice packs and leave them on the area of your body you’d like to reduce the fat in. It might be cheaper and it might be easier but it does not work well and does not produce great results. This is because this DIY version does not include a suction system. You can’t suction your skin to pull the fat to the surface and the temperature isn’t right.

2. Are the results permanent?
The result of this treatment is permanent if you live a healthy lifestyle. If you eat too much and if you aren’t active or you don’t exercise, you will likely gain weight and you might gain back the weight you’ve lost.
You should not rely on this treatment to lose weight. If you do not want to gain weight, you still need to stay active and eat enough instead of too much. This coolsculpting treatment is just going to make it easier for you to lose weight. Maintaining the weight will be up to you.

3. Is this treatment safe?
Yes, this treatment is safe. It is non-invasive and does not require surgery. There are side effects but they aren’t bad. Side effects include soreness in your targeted area.
After the procedure, we recommend that you rest for at least a day. This procedure is completely safe. Just connect with the right professionals who know what they’re doing and you’ll get exactly what you want.

The Takeaway

If you want help losing weight, this treatment is your best bet. With the right coolsculpting equipment, you can lose weight in a safe and non-invasive manner. It’s a great alternative to liposuction. Don’t wait any longer! Reap the benefits of this great treatment.