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Professional Cavitation Equipment

Have you ever wondered how professional cavitation machines work to get rid of those annoying belly fat, double chin, or big arms? Cavitation machine is capable of breaking down the unwanted fat by using ultrasound technology. During the process, the fat is converted into liquid substances that will be drained out from the body through lymphatic drainage. This machine is perfect for someone, who has been working out and following a strict diet to curb the fat and cellulite.
Professional Cavitation Equipment
A non-surgical and non-invasive form of removing fat cells that lie under the skin might work for you if you have done all your best to stay slim and aesthetically appealing like exercising and dieting. Professional cavitation equipment works by using ultrasound technology to topple down the fat cells beneath the dermis that will result in the reduction of cellulite and localized fat. But this treatment is only effective if you support it with daily exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet.
- What Is Cavitation Equipment?
Ultrasound technology is used in performing cavitation therapy. It uses cavitation equipment that is potent in destroying those stubborn fat cells that are hiding underneath the layers of the skin. The technology uses strong pressure that can disperse the fat cells and eventually turns into liquefied substance. The waste will be eliminated during urination through a process called lymphatic drainage.
– What Benefits Your Clients Can Get From Cavitation Machines?
Your clients will regain their self-confidence and self-worth when they undergo cavitation therapy as the machine can do a lot of wonders to their body and looks. They can achieve their desired waistline and weight if they regularly visit the clinic due to the proven effect of using ultrasound cavitation technology to disintegrate the fat cells that lurk underneath the skin. This leads to the removal of waste that result in toned body. They can wear their favorite dress since they have achieved their desired waist circumference. Cavitation machines are helpful in maintaining good health as study shows of its link to a reduction of the risks of Type 2 diabetes, poor blood circulation, heart disease, migraine, respiratory disease, and other health issues.
- Types Of Cavitation Systems
Cavitation therapy comes in two types. These are 40k and 80k. When we say 40k it refers to the operation in which the cavitation machine works in 40k cycles every second. This means that it generates sound waves at the rhythm of 40,000 cycles every second. When we speak of 80k, the sound waves work in a rhythm of 80,000 cycles every second. Each person has a different reaction to cavitation therapy. Some fat cells may explode at a rhythm of 80k cycles per second; others may react at 40k cycles per second.
- How Do Cavitation Machines Work?
The cavitation machine is a weight loss therapy machine geared at removing the unwanted fat that hides underneath your skin layer. During the treatment session, the machine breaks down using radio frequencies and ultrasonic waves that will be converted into bubbles.
Then, the bubbles around the fat deposits will explode causing the fat to burst. The liquefied fat becomes a waste that will soon be transmitted into the interstitial and lymphatic systems. The final outcome of the liquefied fat deposits will change into glycerol and free fatty acid.
The liver will receive the fatty acid and excrete from the system. During treatment, the probe or handpiece of the device produces an inaudible sound or vibrations. The sound frequency or hertz is measured per second. A cavitation machine typically produces over 20,000 hertz ultrasonic sounds.
The fat cell membranes are eliminated during treatment due to the pressure that the ion vibration produces. An ion vibration consists of positive and negative sound wave alternation. The adipocyte membranes are broken down and turn into liquid form. The waste will travel to the interstitial and then expelled through the lymphatic system.
Cavitation Treatment
Cavitation therapy is non-invasive, which is one of the safest weight loss technologies that do not require injection, surgery or liposuction. It makes use of ultrasound technology that will destroy lipocytes or fat cells that are usually located in the belly, arms, face, buttocks, legs, neck, and thighs.
- What Is Cavitation Treatment?
Cavitation treatment is not only an effective method of removing fat cell, but it is considered as a safer form of weight loss. The reason is cavitation does not require an injection and surgical procedure. A cavitation machine is used to boost collagen production, improving blood circulation and overall health. The machine works by destroying the fat cells that have hardened in the deepest part of your skin. It is aided by the ultrasound waves that exert pressure, so that the unwanted fat is broken into liquid form. The liquefied waste penetrates into the lymphatic drainage and expelled during urination.
- Who Needs Cavitation Treatment?
Candidates for cavitation treatment should not fall below 18 years old, whose desire is to lose weight. Exempted from the treatment are pregnant, lactating women, wearing a pacemaker or metal rods, and have severe health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, nervous disorder, infectious disease and among others.
- Does Cavitation Really Work?
Yes, cavitation treatment is effective if you finish the course without missing a session. You also need to complement the treatment with a low-calorie and healthy diet, regular exercise, stays hydrated, getting enough sleep, and mindfulness.
- Cavitation Results
You will notice the immediate results after one session. But this is not permanent; you have to exert effort to have a long-term solution to your weight problem. You have to complement the treatment with a strict diet program, low calorie food, daily exercise, and always drink plenty of water. Cavitation is not a short cut for weight loss. If you really want to see the results, always watch your weight by taking a measurement of your waistline, and have a regular weigh in.
- How Often to Get Cavitation Treatment?
Forty minutes is the minimum time each session to undergo cavitation treatment. You can have a treatment at least one to two times per week and not over one hour of your total weekly cavitation therapy.
- What Are The Side Effects Of Cavitation? Does it hurt?
An FDA-approved treatment, cavitation is painless as it does not use a needle or surgery. You have nothing to worry about side effects since the machine works by using ultrasound technology. This bolsters the reduction of fat tissues in the treatment area like fleshy face, buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, or fat belly. Surgery and anesthesia are not used during the procedure. All you have to do is lie down and the aesthetician will move the probe to the problem area.
- How Many Cavitation Treatments are Needed?
That depends on your needs. If you have minimal bulge, you can have 45 minutes per session or the time can be extended to 75 minutes for people with the big problem area. Usually, the treatment is 1-2 sessions with two weeks in between each visit.
- How Long Does It Take To See Results From Cavitation?
Cavitation treatment is customized based on your problem. The treatment results may take some time for you and for others it may take a few sessions. Normally, the result is about 6-12 weeks.
- What Is The After-Care For Cavitation?
To ensure long-lasting effect for the cavitation results, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow the tips below for your guidance.
  • Increase your water intake from 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day while undergoing the cavitation treatment. Imagine yourself drinking plenty of water for 2-3 times a week or a total of 5-10 sessions. During the course of the treatment, you will slowly adopt your new habit of drinking plenty of water that can help improve your skin complexion, digestion, blood circulation, and reduces food craving. This means that you will also slowly curb excess pounds.
  • Eat small, frequent light meals. Fill your plate with low-calorie food with fruits and veggies to support your weight loss goal and keep your body healthy.
  • Don’t eat 1 ½ hours prior or after the cavitation treatment. Try a snack of yogurt or fresh fruit instead.
  • A thirty-minute jog or walk daily or cardio exercise is enough to boost metabolism and prevent swelling. It can also trim down your waistline, improve skin elasticity, and tone your muscle.
  • Always remind your aesthetician to do a lymphatic massage after the treatment as this is important to stimulate the lymphatic system. You can also complain if it is not followed by the health practitioner. They can perform vacuum, manual, pressure or electromostimulation massage to encourage waste elimination.
- How Long Do Cavitation Results Last?
There is no specific period as to the effectiveness of cavitation treatment. To ensure permanent results, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, regular exercise and keep hydrated.
- Can You Have Cavitation After Botox?
You can have cavitation treatment after Botox procedure. Cavitation therapy is non-invasive and needle-free, so it does not cause harmful effects to your body or other areas that need treatment.
- Cavitation Benefits
There are many beneficial effects of cavitation to your health if you accompany it with a low calorie diet, exercise, and hydration. Take a look at cavitation benefits:
  • Minimizes fat cells, cellulite, and stretch marks.
  • Collagen production and regeneration of tissues.
  • It improves body contour.
  • It is harmless and painless.
  • No downtime.
  • Non-invasive & needle-free.
  • Affordable than invasive procedures.
  • No recovery period after treatment.
  • Compatible with all skin types.
- Cavitation Recovery Time
Since cavitation does not use surgery and injection, recovery time is not needed. You can go back to your normal activities after therapy. Relapse and side-effects are next to impossible, so do not get scared when you try a cavitation therapy. A consultation with your health practitioner is important before submitting to the treatment, so that an assessment is made whether you are eligible for the procedure. If you are physically active with a minimal weight problem, there’s no doubt that you can proceed with the treatment session.
- Cavitation Pros And Cons
Cavitation therapy is a safe method of weight loss solution, but it has also some downside. Take a sneak peek of its pros and cons:
  • It is non-surgical and needle-free.
  • It is painless and harmless.
  • Does not require downtime.
  • A healthy lifestyle is needed to have long-lasting effect.
  • No side effects.
  • Does not leave a scar.
  • Slow, but sure results.
  • Slow effect for weight loss problem than invasive treatment.
  • Ineffective for individuals who have a big weight problem.
  • It should be accompanied with a healthy diet, exercise and hydration.
  • Gauging the result is hard to track.
- Cavitation Treatment Before & After
It is imperative that the client should clean the treatment area before applying it with ultrasonic conductive gel. The gel help smoothen the movement of the probe on your skin. Scrape off the gel left on the skin and clean it with a warm towel immediately after treatment.
- Cavitation Cost in the US
Cavitation treatment is affordable than invasive methods. The cost varies with the location of your spa in the United States, including the severity of your treatment area, and the number of sessions you may have. The cost may range from $250-$350 per session.
- How Long Is Cavitation Treatment?
Twenty to fifty minutes can be enough to expose you to the radio frequency released from the cavitation machine. If your weight problem is big, your therapy could take longer. The treatment period should be around five to fifteen sessions with one session for a period of five to fifteen days.
- What To Expect After Cavitation Treatment?
The client will notice the changes in her body right after treatment. However, this is just temporary. The best that you can do is to adhere to what is required of you by your aesthetician, which is based on your weight, and physical activities. There is no magic result in cavitation. It is vital that you stay active by exercising, eat a balanced diet of low calorie food during your therapy. It is hard to melt down the cellulites and adipose fat in one session only.
- Are Cavitation Results Permanent?
The treatment does not guarantee permanent effect if you return to your unhealthy lifestyle. Always eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and drink a lot of water during therapy if you want to have permanent results. Always say no to fatty and high calorie foods.
- What Are The Other Names Of Cavitation?
Cavitation has other names, such as ultrasonic, ultrasound or ultra-cavitation treatment or radio frequency cavitation.
Cavitation Alternatives
Cavitation therapy has a variety of treatment alternatives. To give you an idea, here are some of its alternative treatment methods:
- Cavitation vs. RF Slimming
RF Slimming is also known as radio frequency slimming therapy that tightens the skin by using energy waves. The waves will warm up the skin’s deepest layer that promotes the production of collagen. Cellulite, skin sagging, and wrinkles can be remedied by RF slimming using the radio frequency. Ultrasound cavitation is aimed at paralyzing the fat cells to turn them into glycerol and free fatty acids. The liquefied waste will be eliminated using the lymphatic drainage if a massage is done after the cavitation treatment. If elimination fails, the fat cells will go back to its original form, which makes your weight loss treatment useless.
- Cavitation vs. Cryo Slimming
A fat loss method that focuses on the elimination of double-chins, bat-wings, muffin tops, and saddle bags is known as Cryo Slimming. It kills the fat cells through a process called cell death or apoptosis. Once the abnormal cells are killed, your body reduces extra pounds. This method works similarly with cavitation, but the difference is cavitation disrupts the fat cells underneath your skin and removes the waste through lymphatic drainage. Cryo slimming method kills the fat cells, while cavitation treatment breaks down the fat cells. But both use lymphatic system to drain out the waste.
- Cavitation vs. Vacuum Therapy
Vacuum therapy, also known as cupping therapy is a method of lifting the skin using a vacuum therapy machine. The purpose of this non-invasive massaging technique is to stimulate blood flow in your dermis. Through this method, your skin’s biomechanical properties are changed. Cavitation treatment does not lift the skin; instead it uses sound waves to target the stubborn cells and excrete the liquefied content through the lymphatic drainage.
- Cavitation vs. Pressotherapy
Pressotherapy like cavitation stimulates the lymphatic drainage. It uses an air pressure machine to reduce stubborn fats that hide in the legs, arm, abdomen, thighs, or chin. The machine squeezes the treatment area in a rhythmic mode. Cavitation works by breaking down the unwanted fat using ultrasound technology.
Performing Cavitation Treatment
The licensed aesthetician cleans the treatment area and then applies enough ultrasonic conductive gel to produce a liquid contact on your skin layer, so that the probe can work smoothly. The device produces ultra-waves that seep into the skin layer. Apply more gel and let the handpiece move in circular motion and directly contacts the skin. To prevent skin burn, the intensity should begin in the low setting and then gently adjust to high intensity throughout the treatment session. A massage is applied after the treatment to speed up the lymphatic drainage.
- Who Can Perform Cavitation Treatment
Only licensed beauty specialist or health practitioner is allowed to perform the cavitation treatment. If you wish to become a cavitation aesthetician, learn the procedure on how to obtain a license in the USA. Each state has different rules and regulations about the cavitation therapy license. Medical aestheticians and nurses are allowed to perform in some parts of the country.
- How To Use A Cavitation Machine?
A consent form needs to be signed up by a client before operating a cavitation machine. Here are the steps on how to use a cavitation machine:
  • Let the client lie down in a comfortable and horizontal position.
  • Clean the treatment area with a warm towel.
  • Take some snapshots of your client before the procedure is performed.
  • Apply enough ultrasound conductive gel at least three to five mm thick, just enough to cover the area to keep the treatment smooth flowing.
  • Apply more gel every now and then.
  • Plug the device and turn on. Select the mode and intensity. It is vital to begin with low intensity and then increase it in slowly towards the end of the session.
  • Let the probe/handpiece work in a slow and circular motion on the fatty fold.
  • Apply massage on the treatment area before ending the session. This is important to speed up the waste elimination through the lymphatic drainage.
- How To Perform Cavitation?
Cleaning up the treatment area is the number thing that you must do before you perform the cavitation treatment. Apply enough ultrasound conductive gel on the fatty area. Select the least working parameters of your device. Choose low intensity first before adjusting to high intensity later. Place the probe on the skin fold and move in a circular fashion with adequate pressure. See to it that the probe’s movement is continuous on the localized area with the fat deposits. Never place the probe on the armpits, neck, popliteal fossae, joints, elbows and the gland projection.
- Cavitation Treatment Protocol
There are some people who are not eligible to undergo cavitation, especially if they are under 18 years old, pregnant, breastfeeding and suffering from chronic and nerve diseases. Such ailments include thyroid disease, immune disorders, contagious diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer, renal disease, liver disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and autoimmune disorder. People with organ transplantation, pacemaker or wearing metal rods are also excluded from the treatment. Chronic weight problem is not eligible for this type of treatment. Here is the protocol to follow:
  • Wearing of metal object and jewelry is not allowed, so remove it before the treatment.
  • Remove your makeup and clean the skin well. If you have skin scarring or acne, dermabrasion is applied before the treatment.
  • Apply enough conductive gel on the treatment area.
  • Select low radio frequency, gently increase later.
  • Move the handpiece in a gentle and circular movement with the electrodes in direct contact on your skin surface.
  • Move the probe fast if the intensity is high to prevent skin burn.
  • Tell your aesthetician if you feel discomfort during treatment.
- Cavitation Treatment Steps
Here are the steps to follow in performing the cavitation therapy:
  • Take out your client’s jewelry and metal object from the body.
  • Lay the client in horizontal and comfortable position.
  • Plug the machine’s power supply.
  • Disinfect the handpiece or probe.
  • Wipe the area that needs treatment with a warm towel.
  • Put on enough conductive gel on the treatment area.
  • Turn on the intensity depending on the severity of the problem area or needs of your client.
  • Turn on the working time depending on the problem. An auto off mode takes place when the working time is up.
  • Click Start. The color turns red when you turn it on.
  • Gently move the probe in small, evenly, and circular movement in the area, and then move it back and forth.
  • Click on Pause after the therapy.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine.
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- How Long To Wait Between Cavitation Treatments?
Two weeks after each therapy session might be just enough. However, that would entirely depend on your case. The therapy can be completed in one to three sessions. Each session could last from 45 to 75 minutes.
- Cavitation Treatment Areas
Follow the steps on how to perform the therapy in treatment areas:
- Cavitation Treatment For the Arms:
  • Wipe the area that needs treatment with a warm towel.
  • Put on enough conductive gel on the treatment area.
  • Begin with an intensity from 3-8.
  • Set the working time.
  • Click on Start.
  • Start moving the probe smoothly in small circles in the problem area of your arm, sliding the probe back and forth, three times.
  • Move the probe back and forth movement towards the underarms, three times.
  • Click on Pause to end.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine.
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- Cavitation Treatment For Abdomen
  • Wipe the target area with a warm towel.
  • Evenly apply the treatment area with ultrasonic conductive gel.
  • Begin with an intensity from 5-9.
  • Set the working time.
  • Click on Start.
  • Evenly slide the probe on the problem area in small circles, then move back and forth, thrice.
  • Move the probe in a vertical position back and forth on the fat belly to the groin area, thrice to five times.
  • Move the probe in a horizontal position back and forth on the lower abdomen, 5 to 8 times.
  • Click on Pause to end.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- Cavitation Treatment For Legs
  • Wipe the target area with a warm towel.
  • Evenly apply the treatment area with ultrasonic conductive gel.
  • Begin with an intensity from 5-9.
  • Set the working time.
  • Click on Start
  • Slide the probe evenly in small circles on the hind leg, pacing back and forth, and thrice.
  • Focus on the calf if there is not enough fat on the thigh.
  • Slide the probe evenly in a vertical position back and forth in the fatty area of the leg moving towards the groin, 3 to 5 times.
  • Slide the probe in a horizontal position on the fatty part of the leg, 5-8 times.
  • Click on Pause to end.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- Cavitation Treatment For Neck
  • Wipe the target area with a warm towel.
  • Evenly apply the treatment area with ultrasonic conductive gel.
  • Begin with intensity from 3 to 5.
  • Set the working time.
  • Click on Start
  • Move the probe in a back and forth motion in the center for three times. Move the probe in a back and forth motion on each side, thrice.
  • Slowly slide the probe upwards, thrice towards the lower part of the ear. Employ the same steps thrice on the other side.
  • Gently slide the handpiece in the middle, thrice, then to each side, thrice, and going upward under the ear, thrice on each side.
  • Click on Pause to end.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- Cavitation Treatment For Face
  • Wipe the target area with a warm towel.
  • Evenly apply the treatment area with ultrasonic conductive gel.
  • Begin with intensity from 2 to 5.
  • Set the working time.
  • Click on Start
  • Move the probe in one direction on the lower section of the face for multiple times.
  • Slide the probe to the fleshy part in a straight line to a triangular movement for multiple times. Slide the probe in small circle up and over. You will spend five minutes for this step on each side.
  • Slide the probe on the forehead and then move towards the lower part of the face. Slide the probe to the fleshy part of the face. The other side of the face should have equal treatment.
  • Click on Pause to end.
  • Wipe the probe with soft cloth or tissue. Return to the machine
  • Remove the gel residue on the skin surface.
  • Wipe the skin with warm towel.
- Cavitation Machine Maintenance
The machine needs to be disinfected, especially if it is used in a spa. Unplug the device first and they apply enough disinfectant, which is 75% isopropyl alcohol. Also wipe the wire that might have been in direct contact with contaminants. Dry the probe and wire with soft cloth and place back to the machine.
- Cavitation Consumables and Expenses
The cost of cavitation therapy is calculated based on your treatment course, the clinic’s location, and the aesthetician’s reputation. The average cost is usually around $1,300 excluding professional fee of your service provider. Make a price comparison before you decide to have the therapy.
- Cavitation Training
If you want to become a professional cavitation aesthetic practitioner, you need to undergo course training. The training covers the basics, methodology, procedure and the science behind cavitation therapy. Once you have finished the course, you can take an assessment and get your license. Training courses are offered for different levels in the USA for newbies, professionals, and all levels. Some established and reputable aesthetics schools provide you with training certification that will allow you to perform the therapy without a license. Do your research to find the location that does not require license.
- Cavitation Consent Form
Let your client sign a consent form prior to the cavitation treatment session. This is vital to ensure that the client fully understand what is agreed upon in the form to prevent legal issues that may occur during and after the therapy.
Benefits Of Cavitation Machine For Your Spa Business
Cavitation machines are perfect weight loss therapy equipment that will be a plus in your spa business. Customers who are bent on staying beautiful and slim will drop by at your clinic if it is equipped with cavitation machines. This is because the machine will remove those ugly cellulites and fat cells that add age and loss of self-esteem to some clients. Equipping your clinic with the equipment means more clients to come, and your business reputation is raised to the next level.
- Treatments You Can Perform With Cavitation Machine
Cavitation machine can be used to perform various treatments for:
  • Reduction of Cellulite
  • Removes Fat Cells
  • Skin Tightening
  • Promotes Muscle Elasticity
  • Stimulates Cellular Metabolism
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Detoxification
  • Improves Digestive Function
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- Combine Cavitation with Other Technologies:
Cavitation is a proven method of weight loss therapy that can be combined with other popular technologies. See the combination:
- Cavitation With Vacuum Therapy
The combination of vacuum therapy with cavitation is effective in boosting the lymphatic drainage to reduce extra pounds. Vacuum therapy is applied after cavitation, so that the lymphatic system works efficiently in disposing the liquefied fat cells or waste. This method works for proper blood circulation, removal of cellulite, enhances body contour and fibrosis treatment.
- Cavitation With Pressotherapy
The lymphatic drainage works fast when both Pressotherapy and cavitation are applied to the body. Both methods remove fat cells in the treatment area that paves the way for the lymphatic drainage, where the waste is expelled from the body through urine, resulting in weight loss and overall health.
Best Cavitation Machines
Cavitation machines come in various sizes, types, models, and features. If you plan to purchase a cavitation machine for home use, here are some models to choose from:
- Zemits Abigon Pro Ultimate Body Remodeling
Zemits Abigon combines different technology to help boost metabolism by removing the fat cells from the problem areas of your body. It combines radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum therapy, and cavitation to fast track the lymphatic drainage that leads to weight loss.
- Zemits Bionexis Lite Slimming
Zemits Bionexis functions effectively in body toning, cellulite reduction, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances skin health. This is due to its powerful combination of technologies, such as infrared light therapy, radio frequency and ultrasonic cavitation with the addition of anti-cellulite and vacuum deep tissue roller massage.

Ultrasound technology is the science behind cavitation therapy. The technology is responsible in producing ultrasound frequency that will break the stubborn fat cells and expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. Although, cavitation is not a substitute for medical treatment and other scientifically proven medications, the treatment is effective in weight loss when you support it with regular physical activities; healthy low calorie diet, hydration, and a healthy lifestyle that are beneficial to your overall health.