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Professional Microcurrent Facial Equipment

With the rising health awareness worldwide, skincare wellness has become a trending topic that many Spa owners could relate to nowadays. By simply browsing the internet, you might find hundreds if not thousands of products and equipment on how you can improve your skincare services in your business.
One of the most advanced equipment you can find is the Microcurrent Facial Equipment. Indeed you might have encountered this product for a while now. Moreso, I would love to introduce and get into equipment deeper so you might have the big picture of how it can benefit your beloved clients.

What Is Microcurrent Facial Equipment?

So, microcurrent facial equipment is modern, inventive, and practical, undoubtedly a wildcard in the beauty industry. It has been used for a beauty treatment that people have been raving about for now. Amazingly, this device exercises your face’s muscles, giving you an instant face-lift, something your client has wanted for so long. To make it more remarkable, this device is easy and safe to use inside your Spa. In fact, it could also be used by skincare enthusiasts at the comforts of their homes.

What Benefits Your Clients Can Get from Microcurrent Facial Machines?

Your client can get lots of benefits from using Microcurrent Facial Machines. The device works out your clients’ facial muscles using the Microcurrent, which will produce increased protein, elastin, and collagen. This will lead to fewer lines and wrinkles on their facial appearance. Most importantly, it will lift their face, making them younger-looking. Microcurrent facial machines will also reduce the swelling and puffiness of the face. After using this, your clients’ facial muscles will surely come out firmer and rejuvenated.

Types of Microcurrent Facial Systems
There are numerous microcurrent facial systems that you can choose from, each having its specification and qualities that will surely fit your skincare needs. Read further to find out which one is suitable for you.

OOMNEX MaxiSpa Multifunctional Aesthetic System

If you are operating in a tight-spaced-spa, then this one is suitable for you. This system introduces clients to a combination of various treatments. It consists of Microcurrent Dynamic Gloves used for massaging facial muscles and anti-aging therapies, Oxygen Infusion with the newest O2 infusor and sprayer to ensure well-hydrated skin, Ultrasound Facial for keeping skin tight and lessen pigmentations and acne, Ultrasound Eye anti-aging treatment to erase traces of fine lines around the eye area, and Diamond Microdermabrasion for encouraging skin's regeneration and repair.

Zemits VivoTite Microcurrent Facial System

This type is an excellent choice if you desire a user-friendly compact device. It’s comfortable and easy to use, especially if you are new to microcurrent devices. This device’s precise usage of microcurrent electricity to make the skin appear healthier and its handy product design makes it one of the favorite picks for many Spa operators.

Zemits Meister NG Full-Feature Facial System

Its staggering set of modalities always brings this device to a considerable spot for Spa owners. It comes with a cooling system and an easy operating system. It’s also packed with five treatment protocols such as Anti-Aging Treatment Protocol, Advanced Treatment Protocol for Sagging Skin, Anti-Pigmentation Treatment Protocol, Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment Protocol, and Advanced Therapy for Dry and Dehydrated Skin.

Zemits CellTite Skin Tightening Microcurrent System

Known for its specialty of making your skin firmer on the face, eyes, and lips area, this device is one of the most acknowledged by estheticians to be effective. By systematically using CellTite, this device eliminates usual aging signs concerns. This microcurrent system has consistently delivered satisfactory results to professionals and users.

How Do Microcurrent Facial Machines Work?

Microcurrent facial machines operate on a low-grade current that enhances anti-aging properties when used on the skin. It signals your skin to boost protein production that’s good for restoring skin tissue. Moreover, It also stimulates facial muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This impressive device acts as a face massage that improves blood circulation and lessens inflammation.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment

What Is Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

If you're looking for an instant face-lift with no recovery time, painless and non-invasive, then microcurrent facial treatment is the way to go for you. This is an innovative and trending miracle treatment for skincare enthusiasts. It can improve your skin's texture, blood flow and can tighten your face to help you achieve a youthful appearance by just using electricity. Indeed, a true holy grail for the anti-aging devotees.

Who Needs Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

One of the most intriguing questions that Spa owners usually ask about this device is if it’s suitable for their regular clients to use. Well, this treatment is beneficial to all individuals of all ages. Whether your client wants to appear younger or if they’re looking for a glow-up, microcurrent facial treatment is the perfect device for them.

Does Microcurrent Facial Work?

The device’s years of usage in various skincare businesses can undoubtedly prove the claim of its safety and effectiveness. While microcurrent facials are popular among the beauty community because of their instant result, individuals are still encouraged to carry on this treatment consistently to have a more lasting effect.

Microcurrent Facial Results

After getting a microcurrent facial, your regular client will see instantaneous results. Their eyes, brows, and cheeks will get lifted, diminishing the noticeable fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention that they will have a tighter jawline and chiseled features. Overall, you’ll end up having satisfied clients with much healthier and glowing skin.

How Often to Get Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

Now, another question that usually pops up is how often one should get microcurrent facial treatment. The best answer is twice a month or every other week. However, for those with tight budgets, once a month will suffice. Always remember that this anti-aging and preventive treatment is not permanent. So, you better stick to your advisable schedule.

What Are The Side Effects Of Microcurrent Facials? Does it hurt?

If your clients are worried about painful procedures, the good news is microcurrent facials are entirely pain-free. Yes, you read it right. The process is a non-invasive treatment, so it will just give them that tingly feeling that does not hurt at all. Though they might experience some mild nausea, drowsiness, and fatigue, fret not, as they last for not more than a day.

How Many Microcurrent Facial Treatments are Needed?

Receiving frequent microcurrent facial treatment is safe, but excessive may be unnecessary. It is advised for clients getting professional treatment to have multiple sessions or less for ten weeks. Of course, factors like age, skin texture, lifestyle, and habits matter as they might increase the recurrence of the treatment sessions.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Microcurrent Facials?

Your clients will experience the effects and benefits of undergoing a microcurrent facial straight away. Nothing drastic, but they’ll see their eyes, brows, and cheeks lifted. Typically, the best results will emerge on the third day and last at least three weeks.

What Is The After-Care Procedure For Microcurrent Facials?

As crucial as the microcurrent facial procedure is the post-care approach since it’s vital for lasting results. Your clients should treat their skin as gently as possible after the microcurrent facial treatment. It’s important not to rub their face as it will only agitate their skin. Using gentle skincare products like cleansers, moisturizers, and serums will also help.

How Long Do Microcurrent Facial Results Last?

Apparently, the result will last for three to six weeks and gradually lose its effects after a while. That’s why it’s essential to follow up with your treatment sessions.

Can You Have a Microcurrent Facial After Botox?

Since it’s a non-invasive treatment, your customers can get a microcurrent facial even after receiving botox. However, it is advisable to wait at least 48 hours or probably a few weeks post-injection before getting a microcurrent facial.

Microcurrent Facial Benefits

Known as one of the most effective treatments, Microcurrent Facial has tons of benefits your clients will surely be happy to know. One of its benefits is that it stimulates protein and collagen production for a youthful appearance as it promotes skin regeneration that will diminish wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves blood circulation to reduce swelling and puffiness of the face. More so, it prevents your client’s facial muscles from sagging, giving your face that natural contour.

Microcurrent Facial Recovery Time

True to its promise of immediate results, Microcurrent Facial guarantees that there's no recovery time needed. Your clients will get instant results and benefits without the pain other cosmetic procedures have.

Microcurrent Facial Pros And Cons

One of the best advantages is that your client will get instant results. Microcurrent facial works for all ages and skin and will leave their face feeling much healthier. Even with more significant benefits, it also comes with a downside as this procedure is not advisable for pregnant women and those with heart complications.

Microcurrent Facial Cost in the US

Usually, the price of this microcurrent facial procedure ranges from 200-500 USD. This price will increase, though, depending on the esthetician and the popularity of their clinic. However, you can find other Spa or clinics offering microcurrent facial procedures that are budget-friendly.

How Long Is Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

Typically, your customers should expect at least 45 minutes to an hour for every session. The reason is that it needs to allow ample time to stimulate the muscles in your face to amplify the treatment outcome.

Are Microcurrent Facial Results Permanent?

Just like every other procedure, sadly, it does not last permanently. However, individuals will maintain their desired results by regularly keeping up with their Microcurrent facial sessions.

What Are The Other Names Of Microcurrent Facials?

There are various names for which microcurrent facial has been categorized. Some called it a 5-minute face-lift because of its instant effect. Meanwhile, others called it a nonsurgical face-lift for non-invasive and pain-free treatment. Few call it a bio-ultimate face-lift since it improves the overall health of your skin.

Microcurrent Facial Alternatives

Microcurrent Facial Vs RF Lifting

Microcurrent treatment uses low-grade current to exercise the facial muscles, slowing the signs of aging. Meanwhile, RF lifting uses frequency energy and heat waves to activate anti-aging properties. While Microcurrent focuses on tightening the muscles on your face, RF pivots on producing collagen and elastin, which tightens your skin. These treatments require consistent sessions for longer-lasting results.

Microcurrent Facial Vs Hydradermabrasion

Hydradermabrasion, also known as Hydrafacial, is a current staple in the skincare industry. It helps improve the skin by using water pressure with a texture tip and suction, hydrating it to become softer and smoother. On the other hand, Microcurrent Facial makes the production of ATP possible, energizing the cells to produce collagen and elastin.

Microcurrent Facial Vs Cryo Facial

Cryo Facial, also known as Cryotherapy, helps tighten pores, soothe skin and increase collagen. While Microcurrent uses low-grade current, this facial technique uses vaporized nitrogen to freeze your face and even your body. Since the temperature is low, the skin becomes brighter and more energized slowly.

Microcurrent Facial Vs Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion, a safe procedure applicable for most skin types, improves the appearance of skin-related conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, scars, melasma, and even stretch marks. In contrast with Microcurrent Facial, which uses low-grade current, this technique uses a suction that sprays aluminum oxide particles or sodium bicarbonate. These abrasive components sand the skin gently, removing the uneven outer layer of the skin.

Microcurrent Facial Vs LED

Unlike Microcurrent Facial, LED (Light Emitting Diode) or LED Light Therapy uses LED wavelengths to treat skin problems. According to each LED wavelength or color, it provides different benefits to the skin. Blue light helps destroy bacteria that cause acne. At the same time, red and amber speed up the repair of damaged skin cells. This treatment reduces inflammation and promotes anti-aging without using ultraviolet rays, making it safe for regular use.

Performing Microcurrent Facial Treatment

Who Can Perform Microcurrent Facial Treatment?

Most estheticians can perform Microcurrent Facial Treatments. However, for a better and safer experience, Spa owners should require their personnel to attend training.

How To Use A Microcurrent Facial Machine?

Microcurrent Facial Machines come with different applicators. It is best to use a cotton tip application for the eyes and other sensitive areas due to its softer and gentler nature. A pair of globe probes for face and lip areas. Disk probes for face, neck, and decollete. And lastly, dynamic gloves for manual and Microcurrent massage.
There are also user-friendly handheld devices paired with a gel that needs to be applied to the skin to boost collagen production. Other Microcurrent Facial devices come with a pair of gloves crafted for skincare professionals.

How To Perform Microcurrent Facial?

An esthetician must undergo training to perform a Microcurrent Facial using a machine. Although the treatment is simple and easy to conduct, this will ensure that the procedure is safe for the clients.
The esthetician will place microcurrent probes in the desired area, prepping skin through cleansing and exfoliation. These microcurrent probes act as a muscle stimulant, and within minutes, the muscle becomes lifted, smoother and tighter. The esthetician may also apply a gel to the skin and glide the metal rod that transmits electrical pulses.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment Protocol

Each Facial Treatment device has its protocol, but in general, just like regular facial treatments, estheticians should start by knowing the client's underlying health conditions.
  1. People expecting pregnancy are prohibited from undergoing the treatment.
  2. People diagnosed with epilepsy, cancer, pacemaker, and thrombosis are not permitted.
  3. Those with metal implants, aside from dental ones, are also prevented from getting facial treatments.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment Steps

  1. Once the conditions are known, and expectations are set, the esthetician should advise the client to remove all jewelry.
  2. Next, it’s also vital to reset the machine to 0.
  3. Then, the esthetician may start cleansing the face. The esthetician should also follow the machine manufacturer's manual to avoid incidents.
  4. It’s also essential to check on the client's comfort at all times.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment Areas

A Microcurrent Facial Machine, if multifunctional, can help improve different skin problems of your client. It helps diminish skin problems like sun damage, acne, skin aging, and sagging. It can also rejuvenate and hydrate wrinkled hands. And as per scarring, no matter where they are located, Microcurrent Facial Treatments help lighten and diminish dark and unwanted spots.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment For Acne

Microcurrent Facial Treatment helps diminish acne as it destroys bacteria during the procedure. It also speeds up the recovery and healing of the skin from acne.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment For Sun Damage

You may opt to consider Diamond Microdermabrasion for sun damage, which helps repair the sun-damaged skin. Diamond Microdermabrasion helps improve the appearance of the skin in terms of sagging, aging, and scarring.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment For Skin Sagging

Microcurrent Facial Treatments help avoid skin sagging by tightening and smoothing the muscles and connective tissues in the face. It increases cellular activity and reduces wrinkles and lines.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment For Aging

Regarding skin aging, Microcurrent Facial Treatments that you can consider are Diamond Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound Facial, and Microcurrent Dynamic Massage. These three treatments will boost collagen production, tighten and firm skin, and lift saggy skin.

Microcurrent Facial Treatment For Dull-Looking Skin

If your customer’s skin is dull, you should consider an Illuminating Treatment using Microcurrent Facial. This includes Diamond Microdermabrasion, Ultrasound Facial, and eye treatment. These processes will improve the arterial blood flow that is rich in oxygen.

Microcurrent Facial Machine Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your machine for hygienic purposes will help your device last longer. To start cleaning:
  1. Disconnect the device from the electric source.
  2. Use 70%-90% alcohol to spray the machine probes, and make sure that you’ll remove the remaining gel from it.
  3. Wash the gloves properly with antiseptic soap.
  4. Most importantly, make sure not to get the metal connectors wet.

Microcurrent Facial Training

Upon purchasing a Microcurrent Facial Machine, you're entitled to free training from registered estheticians. In this training, you will receive a package consisting of a detailed user's manual and guidelines regarding the protocols and recommendations. After the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Microcurrent Facial Consent Form

Before undergoing this procedure, clients must read and fill out a consent form; this informs the client of the possible effects of the treatment and informs the esthetician of the client's current health condition. It serves as a reminder that there is a rare possibility for the following: nausea, dizziness, and skin irritation for those with susceptible skin.

Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial Machine For Your Spa Business

Nowadays, people always consume, patronize and celebrate what is trending in the market and even on social media. Regular facial treatments are suitable but using a Microcurrent Facial Machine makes your Spa Business top of the line.

Treatments You Can Perform With Microcurrent Facial Machine

With a multifunction and advanced Microcurrent Facial Machine, you can perform an Ultrasound Facial that improves skin firmness and lessens the appearance of skin imperfections. It can also perform an Ultrasound Eye Anti-Aging Treatment for younger-looking eyes.

Instagram Hashtags for Microcurrent Facial Procedure

Social media is a great platform to boost your spa business. Instagram has a variety of trends and hashtags to help advertise microcurrent facial treatments. Here are the commonly used hashtags that will help you promote your business:
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Combine Microcurrent Facial with Other Technologies:

Microcurrent Facial With Hydrodermabrasion
Microcurrent Facial indeed helps improve the skin. Now imagine combining it with Hydrodermabrasion? As the Microcurrent Facial promotes ATP production that results in increased collagen and elastin production, the Hydro Dermabrasion removes dead skin and blackheads. It also applies a serum that hydrates the skin and makes it smoother.

Microcurrent Facial With CryoFacial
Combining Microcurrent Facial with Cryotherapy will achieve the best results for your skin. As Microcurrent Facial tightens the skin, Cryotherapy improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also lessens the size of pores and makes texture almost invisible.

Glow up Your Spa Business
Microcurrent Facial Treatment is undoubtedly a significant hit in the Spa industry with all its beneficial effects. Providing excellent skin benefits to the clients while ensuring an ROI, Microcurrent Facial Treatments are certainly a must-needed device every Spa owner should have. Needless to say that your clients will come back with good results and exceptional experience.

As this treatment is non-invasive and gives instantaneous results, we can say goodbye to the beauty and pain concept and say hello to the continued anti-aging advancement.