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Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment For Sale

The cost of a professional laser hair removal machine can be a major consideration when deciding whether to buy laser hair removal equipment. After all, having an IPL machine or a skin laser machine might be intimidating for most.

But if you’re open to the idea of starting your laser medical aesthetic business, then getting the proper type of laser hair removal equipment is definitely worth it.

So if you’re looking for the Best Professional Laser Removal Machine 2022, then you’ve come to the right place. 

How Much Does A Laser Hair Removal Machine Costs?

First, let’s talk about the price range for laser hair removal equipment. 

The price of a professional laser hair removal machine depends on its functionality and specific technical details. 

The equipment cost depends on many factors like the type of laser, laser power, the cooling technology, number of headpieces, wavelength etc. Price can also be based on the terms of warranty, lifespan of the laser bulb, size of the device, and system settings.

Here are some laser hair removal machines for sale and their current online offers for your reference.
  1. The best Diode Hair Removal System of 2021-2022 is Zemits QuiDion.
This advanced 808 nm Diode Laser has superior laser power and is extremely popular among medical estheticians from Europe and the US. 
The main benefits of the Zemits Quidion are: 
  • 1200W Laser Power 
  • 808 nm wavelength- perfect for hair reduction
  • Dual cooling system with dynamic temperature control
  • Simple and convenient customer records system directly from the interface of the device.
  • Large touch screen with manual and SMART settings with ready to use protocols.

2.The Best IPL System of 2020-2022 is Zemits Light Expert 2.0 
This table-top IPL system is a perfect choice for smaller med spas and treatment rooms. Zemits Light Expert 2.0 has an advanced IPL hand piece with replaceable cut-off filters, that enables more treatment options with the same device. By simply attaching the corresponding filter you are able to perform the following treatments:

  1. Permanent Hair Reduction
  2. Skin Rejuvenation
  3. Wrinkle Reduction
  4. Pigmentation Removal
  5. Acne Therapy
  6. Vascular Lesions

3.The best 2-in-1 Laser Hair Removal Device is Zemits DuoCratus.  
If you are looking for the laser device that can combine both Diode Laser and IPL, the Zemits DuoCratus will be your perfect choice. 
The Zemits DuoCratus Diode laser & IPL system combines two cutting-edge technologies in one machine: an 808 nm diode laser and IPL technology.
IPL is a multi-functional technology for:
  • Effective and Pain-fee Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation Reduction
  • Acne Therapy
As a laser modality Zemits DuoCratus uses an 808nm wavelength diode laser, which is the gold standard for hair removal.

Cost Breakdown For Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

To help you visualize the cost and profit of laser hair removal equipment for commercial use, this article will give you an in-depth analysis of the characteristics and the advantages and disadvantages of each professional laser hair removal machine.

The outright expense that you’ll spend is the cost of the machine itself. A professional IPL laser hair removal machine for sale can cost around $12,000 to $35,000 which might be a steep fee for some —but there’s a caveat to this.

The profit of laser hair removal is very impressive for a medical office or spa that you can immediately return back your expense for the machine. The average cost of laser hair removal session is $389, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include other related expenses.

With just a few of customers that purchase the course of treatments, you will be able to  return on your investments for the laser hair removal equipment.  And the margin for profit is basically endless.

The reason for this is that the business of hair removal med spas is highly profitable. Women spend more money and time on the process of removing hair compared to men. According to research, most women spend over $2,000 on shaving products during their entire lives. 

Having in mind these statistics, a lot of people are looking for permanent solutions such as laser hair removal. However, not everyone who wants to remove their hair permanently gets to remove it because of the myth that the laser procedure is very expensive. 

While the initial cost of laser hair removal may be greater than the cost of using shaving and waxing products, the long-term benefits may justify this expense for most people.

How Can A Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Become A Significant Financial Investment For You

Looking at a laser hair removal machine for sale online can be a pretty daunting task but with the right model for the right reasons, this expense can turn into a huge financial investment for you and your business.

If you want to have a better and more professional diode laser hair removal machine, the diode laser hair removal equipment from Zemits’s laser machine manufacturer will be your best choice. 

It is suitable for hair removal on the armpit, limbs, face, lips, and other areas with excessive body hair. Since it uses professional diode laser technology, the hair removal machine is suitable for people with darker skin and hair.

Like most other pieces of equipment for your salon, a diode laser hair removal machine represents a significant financial investment. Once you have made your decision, you are likely to be stuck in an operating lease which will be extremely difficult to extricate yourself from.

Here are some of our advice to make sure that your equipment purchase will become an asset for your salon:

1. Get It Right The First Time

Buying a professional laser hair removal machine is a huge investment for your business. Since it involves a lot of money, you want to make sure that the machine you’ll be purchasing is the right fit for your salon.

There are tons of factors that you should consider when purchasing laser hair removal equipment. Looking through the best professional hair removal machine 2020 lists is a great way to narrow down your options. 

2. Find The Balance Between Effectivity And Profit

While the clinical result is paramount, there are ways in this business to make money.

So when you are choosing which laser hair removal machine is right for you, the financial viability and profitability of each machine you are looking at will be a critical factor for the success of your new laser hair removal business.

In short, you are looking for the “biggest bang for your buck” which in turn will give you the largest return on investment.

3. Know The Technology Behind Your Machine

Even if the nature of different laser hair removal equipment is technically the same, they employ different technologies that make each of them more effective than the next.

When looking for a professional laser hair removal machine for sale for your salon, you essentially want a machine that is flexible for all skin and hair types to accommodate every customer that comes into your establishment.

The diode laser hair removal equipment from Zemits is a great example.

Different people may have different skin colors so in order to achieve the best hair removal effect, one of the laser hair removal machines offered by Zemits has a technical, intelligent skin color detection system.

You can select skin colors on the touchscreen, according to different skin color tones, so you can epilate at home or your beauty salon like an expert!

4. Optimize Your Procedure Volume And Revenue Potential

Even if you’re using laser hair removal equipment in your salon that makes things less tedious and more efficient, there are still some variables that you need to take into consideration during different hair removal procedures. These variables should be kept in mind when looking for a laser hair removal machine for sale.

When it comes to the equipment, one of these variables is having a larger treatment head. When using a hair removal machine, the delivery of light across the entire treatment area (especially over larger areas such as the back) is more uniform and less likely to create uneven results if a larger treatment head is used.

Another advantage of larger treatment heads is that their depth of penetration can be greater than that of smaller sizes.

On the other hand, the treatment procedures that your salon is going to offer should also be taken into consideration. Larger treatment areas like the back and legs tend to be the most profitable, but are also considered to be most tedious. Before, nurses didn’t like to do these procedures and in some cases resisted them altogether – typically citing wrist fatigue, sore shoulders, and lower backaches.

This can be solved by picking the right laser hair removal equipment. With Zemits’s larger spot size of 12*20mm²/23*40mm² and so on, which is among the biggest diode laser hair removal machines, this makes it an all-around machine that can handle larger treatment areas with ease. 

This contributes a lot to a higher revenue per hour. The procedure is much faster and requires less effort by the hair nurse. Meanwhile, saving your treatment time can treat more customers for your beauty salons or clinics.

Plus, because of the shorter treatment times, you don’t have to charge as much. This makes your hair removal treatment at your salon highly competitive with other spas. 

If your machine can effectively reduce your prices down to half without sacrificing the quality of its results, this makes your procedure more affordable and more attractive to customers. This will help you build a formidable clientele that is loyal to your beauty salon.

5. Choose A High Output Laser Power That Can Bring You Ideal Clinical Results

To give your clients the best results that you could ever give at a bang-for-your-buck price, choose a high output laser power that will bring you the ideal clinical results that everyone wants.

As we mentioned before, knowing the technology behind your machine is essential. In this case, a large spot size on an underpowered machine can result in the light energy being dissipated, resulting in ineffective treatments.

If your machine isn’t powerful enough to make up for the larger spot size, that will cause inconsistencies in the results and will likely cost your business in the long run in terms of effort, time, and efficiency. So if you want a larger spot size for the reasons discussed, make sure the machine you are looking at has the power to handle the larger spot size.

In the case of Zemits Diode Laser, the device’s total power is 2,000 Watts. There are 12 laser bars located in the handle piece with a power of 100 Watts each. As a result, it can easily handle the 12*20 mm² spot size without a doubt.

With such a high energy density, this hair removal device can easily do its job with ease.

The Benefits Of Having A Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

It’s easy to be convinced that you absolutely need one if you’re searching for a laser hair removal machine for sale online. The premise of having high-tech, top-of-the-line equipment for your salon is a dream come true for business owners —but how exactly can you benefit from it?

To put it simply, here are just some of the benefits that your practice can get with Zemits:
  • Highest margins per shot
  • Short treatment time
  • Repetition rate and cooling technology
  • Non-stop continuous working
  • Included professional training
  • Extensive warranty life
  • Affordable price for replacement handle piece

Highest Margins Per Shot

Each laser hair removal treatment handle piece has a limited number of shots it can fire before it needs to be replaced. Bearing in mind that an individual treatment will attract a fixed fee it follows that the more treatments you can deliver per handle piece, the higher your overall income will be.

To compute for your profit, take the income generated from a handle and divide it by the total revenue for that handle and subtract the cost of the new handle. The profit per shot is a key measure of the profitability of any machine, among other factors. 

With Zemits equipment, you get the most revenue per shot compared to other hair removal devices available online. This ensures that your business will reach maximum profitability with every use.

Short Treatment Time

Although the concept of the profit per shot is very important, the factor of treatment time is equally as important. 

Ideally, you want each treatment time to be as short as possible without sacrificing the effectiveness of the session. On the contrary, the longer the treatment takes to perform, the fewer customers you can treat in one day which minimizes your income.

When it comes to Zemits, its Fast Hair Removal Mode Technology reduces treatment time by using a large 12*20mm² spot size. The back or legs can be treated in 10 minutes. In this way, It saves your treatment time and you can maximize revenues.

Repetition Rate and Cooling Technology

Repetition rate refers to the time it takes between laser beams to fire up. The shorter the interval between shots, the higher the repetition rate.

Your profits will to a large extent depend on the repetition rate. The faster you can beam, the less time the treatment takes and therefore the more customers you can handle in a day.

However, having a high repetition rate shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in your purchase. A fast repetition rate without Integrated Cooling is problematic. The faster it beams the more likely laser bars and skin become overheated. Without proper cooling methods and effective cooling, the life expectancy of laser bars will be shortened and chances of adverse effects due to overheating will greatly increase.

In this case, Zemits Diode Laser has a very powerful Integrated Contact Cooling that keeps the head cool (-5℃ ~ 5℃) all the time which can easily handle the repetition rate of 10 Hz. Taking all of the above factors into account we can, by way of demonstration, calculate the relative profitability per head of Zemits Diode Laser, IPL hair removal system, and other diode laser hair removal equipment.

12-15 Hours Of Non-Stop Continuous Working

For a business establishment offering laser hair removal services, the run time for your machine should be one of your major concerns. A high continuous working time (or the time it can operate without any breaks in between) is needed especially if you’re aiming to accommodate as many customers as possible.

Some manufacturers will give you this in their parameters and others will not. It is certainly a question you should be asking when you select your diode laser hair removal machine. Smaller (lighter) machines with less cooling ability will generally have a lower continuous working time. Almost all portable diode laser hair removal machines have a continuous working time of three to five hours. 

With Zemits Diode Laser, the machine can handle a non-stop continuous run-time of 12 to 15 hours. It goes without saying that if you have a machine that requires a break after four hours of work it will be less profitable than a machine that can work all day without a break!

Included Professional Training

Having top-of-the-class equipment is essentially worthless if you and your employees don’t know how to use it. 

If you purchase a laser hair removal machine from us, all professional training that you need to operate and troubleshoot your equipment is included. 

Zemits diode laser system is simple to operate with a friendly Graphic User Interface and suggestive parameters settings. This makes the learning curve attainable in a short time of the learning process. Laser hair removal is actually a very simple procedure and you could learn the actual treatment process in very few hours and possibly go onward and upward with your new business without incident.

When it comes to doing a laser treatment, it’s always important to remember that even with a good diode laser machine and the right patient — if you don’t do the procedure correctly, it may not work as you planned.

Because at the end that one unusual client that you might encounter in the future could ultimately cost you your entire business. This is why it’s crucial that you treat your clients right!

To do so, you need the right support from your equipment manufacturer. Zemits will provide you with not only the basic user manual and tutorial video, but a series of online training courses and online support to help you or your staff master laser hair removal treatment.

Extensive Warranty Life Expectancy Of More Than 20 Million Shots

Even the best machines available on the market have a limited life expectancy. It’s up to you to choose the best one with the most users that you could get.

Our warranty life expectancy of the handle piece is more than 20,000,000 flashes. This is because beyond that point, the efficacy of the laser bars is greatly diminished and you will not treat the client as well as you could, which could lead to a loss of business.

For a diode laser hair removal machine, a handle piece that can produce 20,000,000 shots per head is obviously better than a head that will only produce 5,000,000 shots before it is replaced. The calculation is simple.

Affordable Price For The Replacement Handle Piece

Obviously, the cost per flash is dependent on the cost of replacing the handle piece. A new changeable handle piece also enables you to lower your costs.

This provides you with an excellent opportunity to pass on savings to your current and prospective laser hair removal clients – as well as a distinct competitive advantage in some markets. The cost is nothing compared to the profit it brings.

How Much Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal?

The million-dollar question…is how much can you price your services? There are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration when pricing your hair removal services. The cost of the machine is just the tip of the iceberg since you’ll most likely earn it back immediately especially if your salon has quite a lot of clients.

But the bottom line is, the cost of getting hair removed through laser can be a major consideration when deciding whether to undergo the procedure. You want your prices to be as more competitive as possible that your clients can afford it but as high as possible for you to have a great profit from it.

Why does the cost of laser hair removal vary so much?

Costs depend on many factors like the kind of laser to be used, body geography, and the amount of hair growth in question. Costs can also be based on the time taken for various sessions, which body area is being treated, and what payment package you choose.

The salon location is also a cost factor that is quite unknown for many clients. If the salon is located in an upscale place or neighborhood, then you can expect that the services offered run a bit higher compared to a salon that is located in other “cheaper” places.

Are there any discounts for laser hair removal?

You may get some discounts if you pay in advance. So it is in your interest to investigate the options available in your area, before deciding on a particular clinic.

But Don’t Let The Price Of Laser Hair Removal Be The Only Factor

The cost of laser-based hair removal is one of the most frequently asked questions but the price is not the only factor you need to consider.

Customers usually want the lowest prices available as much as possible because they could get the job done at a discount. But of course, there are valid reasons why a service offered in a certain salon is more expensive compared to the other.

There’s really no telling if either service is worth the price unless you try it. But the most important thing to remember is to not compromise the quality of service that you get when trying to pinch pennies. It’s best to get a realistic cost estimate before beginning the treatment procedure. Discuss with the clinician the number of treatments you will likely need.

Laser Hair Removal Costs Vary Between Individuals

The cost of laser hair removal tends to vary a great deal among different persons. Patterns of hair growth are different. So the cost of laser hair removal and the results obtained are also likely to be tailored to your needs. Many clinics ask you to come in for a consultation before quoting a price for laser hair removal.
Back hair among some males may grow evenly and densely with thick shafts of hair. Other back hair may grow finely and sparsely. Some women may have facial hair that is noticeable only when the hair is dark and thick. Light or fine facial hair may not be noticeable for some women. Some women may have facial hair caused by hormones.

What Are The Different Pricing Schemes Laser Hair Removal Clinics Use?

Laser hair removal pricing packages tend to vary among clinics. But you will often find that these quotes are very similar in the end. Some of the ways in which clinics decide on the pricing for laser hair removal are as follows:

1. Fixed Fee Per Treatment

Some clinics may charge a flat fee for laser hair removal treatment. This fee may be on a per treatment basis or a package of treatments. 

For example, some clinics may charge a flat rate of $300 for all men’s backs per treatment regardless of the amount of hair growth in each individual. Or they may ask for a flat fee that is based on your particular back hair growth pattern. A clinic may charge a flat fee for a particular treatment package that is customized for individual hair growth patterns.

2. Fee Per Unit Of Time Per Appointment

Electrolysis usually has a common pricing structure. Similar to this, some laser clinics may charge for each 15-minute session of laser hair removal. For instance, if we say a particular clinic charges $40 for each 15-minute session, and a man’s back takes an hour, then the cost would be $160 for the whole procedure. 

The cost of laser hair removal is also determined by the amount of hair, the speed of the technician, and the speed of the laser hair removal equipment.

3. Price Per Laser Pulse Used

The price for laser hair removal can be based on the number of laser pulses needed to complete a particular body area. A pulse is counted each time when the laser fires. One pulse takes one second and can remove about a hundred hairs and can vary in size.

Some laser hair removal clinics charge a price per pulse. For instance, a clinic may charge $1 per pulse, with a minimum fee per area. A bikini procedure may cost $150, including $75 for the first 75 pulses and $1 per pulse thereafter. You are likely to be charged only for the actual number of pulses used.

As you progress through your laser hair removal sessions, the price per session may decline as there is less hair to be removed. Different lasers may have different spot sizes and so they will have different prices per pulse.