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Carbon Peeling Machines

Carbon Peeling Laser Machines
When you’re looking for new equipment that can put you on a competitive edge with your competition, you may want to look at offering Carbon Peel Laser treatments. Carbon peel laser treatments are a trendy but very effective addition to your practice. It’s done by putting a brown/grey mask on your client’s face and shining a laser on the mask. The laser dissolves the mask and the dissolved carbon draws collagen to the areas treated. The extra boost of collagen provides plumping and lightening of the skin for a smooth, younger and less pigmented look. You can do the treatment on people with darker skin, but it works best on lighter skin. Here is what you, as a professional, need to know about the treatment.

Professional Carbon Peeling Laser Equipment
The first thing to look at when you’re interested in offering Carbon Peeling services, is what you will need to bring into your salon as equipment. You will, of course, need the basics- a chair, cleaning, and other things but what kind of machinery will you need? What Is A Carbon Peel Laser Machine? A Carbon Peel laser machine is a small machine that uses lasers over a special carbon facial mask to create a safer, painless chemical peel type treatment. The machine uses lasers to penetrate the carbon mask that soaks into your face. Once it gets in, it will dissolve the carbon from the mask and unclog your pores. The machine itself is small and can be easily moved. You can expect to pay anywhere from 800 to 2500 for a machine, just make sure you get it from a reputable company.

What Benefits Can Your Clients Get from Carbon Laser Peels?
The benefits vary from clearer and smoother skin to a better texture. Your clients can see less acne, less pigmentation problems, smaller signs of aging as well as.

How Do Carbon Peel Laser Machines Work?
First, put the carbon mask over your client’s skin. Let it sit for ten minutes to soak in. Once you have waited, you will run the laser over the treated skin. The heat goes into the carbon and dissolves italong with the bacteria so it acts as a strong exfoliant and unclogs clogged pores.

Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

What Is A Carbon Peel Laser Treatment?
Carbon Peel Laser treatments are similar to chemical peels, but they are easier on your skin and done with lasers. The peels provide a deep exfoliation using heat dissolving the carbon from the mask. The carbon dissolves and draws collagen to the skin. The extra collagen will provide a beautiful reaction to both acne and wrinkles and your client will leave with smoother and glowing skin. The carbon mask does not need to be washed off after the service because the laser will dissolve the carbon, but they will need to take care not to get sun burned or use too strong products for a while.

Who Needs Carbon Peel Laser Treatment?
The target market for this treatment should be people with acne, scarring from acne or other types of minor scarring, aging skin and oily skin. The treatment can have a wide variety of uses and can benefit a whole lot of people.

Does Carbon Peel Laser Really Work?
Carbon Peel Laser Results When people get the treatment, they will need to come back multiple times for further treatments. After one treatment, your clients will start to see differences. Most of the places recommend 2 to 8 treatments

How Often to Get Carbon Peel Laser Treatment?
Many places suggest two to eight treatments spaced about 2-4 weeks apart for better results.

What Are The Side Effects Of Carbon Peel Laser? Does it hurt?
The Carbon Peel treatment is a pain free version of the chemical peel. There should be no pain. Possible side effects include: Slight reddening of skin Tingle Outside of that, your clients should not have any side effects.

How Many Carbon Peel Laser Treatments are Needed?
One treatment will show some results, but for major results you want at least two (if it’s a small area that isn’t badly damaged but up to six or eight if you are doing a larger area or there are deeper wrinkles, worse scars or bad acne. (as long as it’s not active cystic acne).

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Carbon Peel Laser?
It will take a few days to start to see results. You should start to see results after about a week. You should, however, start to feel the results after the first treatment but it might take two or three.

What Is the After-Care For Carbon Peel Laser? How Long Do Carbon Peel Laser Results Last
They require generally 3-8 treatments, depending on what the severity of the skin issue is in order to see lasting results. One treatment will not last forever and it’s recommended to go back every 1-2 weeks.

Can You Have Carbon Peel Laser After Botox?
It is highly suggested to wait about two weeks or longer after getting Botox injections before giving this treatment to a client. It is also extremely important to emphasize to the client they need to be completely honest about the different treatments they have had.
- Carbon Peel Laser Benefits
Carbon Peel Laser Recovery
Time Since these are more gentle and painless peels, they do not have a recovery time. It will take one to two weeks to heal so your client can’t go completely back to normal. Tanning and major sun exposure are both out of the question for the first two weeks after the procedure.

Carbon Peel Laser Pros And Cons

The major pros of adding this service to your list of offered services are the extra revenue you can charge for a relatively small amount of time and the extra service clients can choose from. Other benefits of offering this: Clients can see improvement Clients enjoy getting the latest and newest treatments It’s a relatively high cost treatment for a short facial- so you will have more money coming per hour than you would with an hour long antiaging facial It’s good for nearly all skin types Short healing period and won’t be rough on skin like regular chemical peels are Relatively short amount of time before improvements are seen Some of the cons are that you may end up having to invest in a more expensive machine and it may even take a while to recover the costs. There is a chance clients will be turned off by the service being a type of peel (if they do not trust peels in general) or they may get put off by the laser. Just because it’s a newer treatment doesn’t mean it will become a huge success, you may find that your clients are more interested in other treatments you offer so they may end up not wanting to get the treatment at all. You may also have a client who wants to see fast and immediate improvements and they may be put off by the treatment taking several treatments to really show progress.

Carbon Peel Laser Cost in the US
You can expect to be able to charge between 80 and even 300 per treatment. It depends on your area, market and how much people in your area are willing to pay. You can also offer packages and pre-charge people for the higher prices.

What To Expect After Carbon Peel Laser Treatment?
After getting a carbon peel treatment, you can expect your client’s skin to not be irritated. They will need to stay out of the sun and avoid harsh treatments for a while after, but they will still be able to cleanse and wash their face. They should not have red, irritated skin. They should not have a sensitive skin reaction unless they are either allergic or too sensitive for the treatment. After getting several treatments, you will see the client’s skin getting smoother and less problematic. They will see less scarring and clearer skin.

What Are The Other Names Of Carbon Peel Laser?
The carbon peel goes by a few different names. They call it the “China Doll Laser Facial,” “Black Doll Laser Facial,” “Hollywood Facial,” and some places refer to it as “laser skin resurfacing.”

Peeling Laser Alternatives

Carbon Peel Laser Vs Fractional CO2
Both services use lasers in order to get a deeper penetration in the skin. CO2 treatments use shorter pulses and works for skin problems such as birth marks, scars and wrinkles. Carbon Peel laser treatments work for those but also acne and other problems listed above and provides a deeper penetration of the skin. Fractional CO2 treatments work best for: • fine lines • wrinkles • skin tone • texture • pigmentation However, Carbon peels provide these benefits: • Uneven skin tone • Dull skin • Sun damage • Moderate to severe blotchy skin • Moderate to severe scarring • Age spots • Deep wrinkles • Fine lines

Carbon Peel Laser Vs Hydrodermabrasion
Hydrodermabrasions tend to target the following problems: • Fine lines and wrinkles • Dark spots • Hyperpigmentation • Clogged pores • Enlarged pores • Mild acne • Oily skin Carbon peels provide these: • Uneven skin tone • Dull skin • Sun damage • Moderate to severe blotchy skin • Moderate to severe scarring • Age spots • Deep wrinkles • Fine lines Hydrafacials are done using water instead of lasers. It’s similar to a microdermabrasion, but a bit easier on the skin. They push water out on the face then suck it back up similar to the suction device on a microderm. Both are easier on the skin than their counterparts. They are both safe, so it’s more a preference. Some people suggest that carbon peels are better for people with lighter skin while hydroderms can mess up a lighter complexion and may be better for darker skin. They both are in the same price range, so cost wouldn’t have too much of an effect.

Carbon Peel Laser Vs Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion is a more irritative than carbon peels. It’s using either a sandy material or an abrasive wand in order to get a deeper exfoliation. Microderms are good for these particular services: • Enlarged pores • Age spots • Black heads • Dark patches • Stretch marks • Fine lines • Wrinkles • Mild acne scarring The treatments that carbon peels provide are: • Uneven skin tone • Dull skin • Sun damage • Moderate to severe blotchy skin • Moderate to severe scarring • Age spots • Deep wrinkles • Fine lines They offer similar solutions but microderm shouldn’t be done on extremely sensitive skin and you should patch test before you do a full facial with the microderm to make sure it can be tolerated. If your client has rosacea, the microderm shouldn’t be offered. Rosacea skin is too sensitive, but it could potentially be done with a laser.

Carbon Peel Laser Vs LED
Both of these treatments use light therapy on your client’s skin. LED treatments are best for: • Acne • Pigmentation • Redness • Rosacea • skin aging LED light therapy can be done at home over the counter or in an office. It’s gentle and works over all the skin and not treating certain areas like you can do with a carbon laser peel.

Carbon Peel Laser Vs Chemical Peel
Chemical peels are as harsh on the skin as microderm. With a laser peel vs a chemical peel, sensitive skin will always do better with a laser. Lasers can also get more precise location on the skin while a chemical peel is either put on certain areas or are manually applied. Both types of peels will have similar effects: • Fighting acne breakouts and inflammation • Controlling oily skin • Minimizing pore size and unclogging pores • Lightening pigmentation and acne scars • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles • Exfoliating deeper than a scrub • Improving skin texture and tone

Carbon Peel Laser Vs Micro needling
Using the carbon peel works better than Micro needling when you’re doing bigger areas of skin. When you’re working on certain areas and smaller areas, micro needling may be better. Micro needling is using small, sterilized needles to cause the body to create more collagen. It helps: • Hyperpigmentation • Large pores • Reduced skin elasticity • Scars • Stretch marks • Sun damage • Fine lines and wrinkles Microneedling is also better for A. smaller budgets and B. darker skin. Microneedling costs less than laser treatments and doesn’t potentially lighten darker skin the same way a laser treatment can. (but doesn’t always).

Performing Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

Who Can Perform Carbon Peel Laser Treatment
The people who can perform the treatment are professionals who have been trained in the service- dermatologists, estheticians and medical estheticians.

How To Use A Carbon Peel Laser Machine?
Once you put the carbon mask on the client’s face, make sure you let the mask dry before you start using the laser. Once the mask is dry, turn on the machine and slowly run the laser up and down the client’s face while it dissolves the carbon mask. Run the light slowly but don’t stop for very long in any direction.

How To Perform Carbon Peel Laser?
Start the facial by draping the client. Use the normal cleanser (or double cleanse if you use a product like Dermalogica’s PreCleanse) Instead of exfoliating, cover your client’s face with the carbon peel mask and let sit until dry. Once the mask is dry, start using the laser to treat the specific areas. Once those areas are treated by the laser, end the facial by putting an SPF gentle moisturizer on the client’s face.

Carbon Peel Laser Treatment Protocol
Make sure client has: • Stopped using retinol and related products for at least a week before the treatment • Used sunscreen to prevent even minor sun burn for at least a week • Make sure you cover the eyes when you’re doing the treatment- the lasers can damage vision or worse. • After the facial, the client shouldn’t use retinol or other similar products for about a week. They also should carefully either avoid direct sun exposure or wear an SPF.

How Long To Wait Between Carbon Peel Laser Treatments
The amount of time you wait and the results you will find tend to be around the same for each type of treatment, but differ depending on how bad your client’s skin is and what condition their skin is in. In general, the best amount of time to wait is 2-4 weeks and spread the treatments out through 3-4 months, some places will recommend “booster” treatments every six months and it’s best to get ready for events a week before. If your client’s skin isn’t too bad, they will likely see much stronger results after the first treatment than if someone has skin in really bad shape.

Carbon Peel Laser Treatment Areas
Carbon Peel Laser For Acne
When you have a client come in for acne, let them know that not only will this treatment help their acne and help clear their pores, they will also tighten up the enlarged pores from previous acne breakouts.

Carbon Peel Laser For Rosacea
The carbon peel laser treatment is one of the few treatments that is safe for Rosacea. The treatment can help lower the thickening that comes with Rosacea. If you have a client with Rosacea, make sure to keep this treatment in mind.

Carbon Peel Laser For Wrinkles
Wrinkles also benefit from this treatment from the extra collagen that is invoked from the laser. Collagen is the best way to fight aging and wrinkles. The collagen will plump up skin and lesson deep and fine wrinkles.

Carbon Peel Laser Machine Maintenance
You will need to inspect the machine on a daily basis. Make sure the wires are in good condition, the plug and that there are no frayed or exposed wires. Check for any cracks or other imperfections in the machine. Make sure it fires up and works before you open shop daily. Clean the laser with decompressed air and a gentle microfiber cloth with alcohol after use.

Carbon Peel Laser Consumables/Expenses
When you’re adding this to your practice, you will have to buy the laser. You will also need any special sunscreen to provide the client after the treatment (you may want to buy in bulk to upsell the sunscreen post treatment) and you will need to buy the special carbon mask, eye coverings and if you want to use a special cleanser that will also be an added expense.

Carbon Peel Laser Consent Form
You will want to make sure you have a waiver for clients to fill out. It isn’t as risky as other types of peels, but you will want to cover bases in case someone lies about their skin history or tries to blame you for messing up aftercare. With the waiver, you will want to make sure it’s mentioned that you will not be held accountable for any failure post treatment and that you have gone over the things that can go wrong with this treatment.

Benefits Of Carbon Peel Laser Machine For Your Spa Business
Once you get the machine and master the skill of doing the treatment, you will be able to add a strong and trendy treatment that can make you over 100 for 30 minutes (many cost over 1000, so people are willing to pay). You will also have the competitive edge of having a treatment endorsed by Hollywood but not widespread yet.

Treatments You Can Perform With Carbon Peel Laser Machine
You can do a full facial while doing a carbon peel, just obviously leave out the exfoliation and masking and make sure you don’t use any treatments that can lead to skin irritation.

Instagram Hashtags for Carbon Peel Laser Procedure
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