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Zemits LazerDio

Zemits LazerDio
Hair Removal Diode Lase

High Power Single Power up to 1000w

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About Zemits Lazerdio

The Zemits LazerDio is a new generation diode laser suitable to treat full spectrum of skin tones and all hair types. Zemits LazerDio destroys hair follicles without pain. Its internal cooling system controls the rising temperature as the laser is fired. This new generation laser cools down the sapphire tip to a constant 4°C which ensures that the skin is well protected. As a result, system can penetrate the root of the follicle and strip the surrounding stem cells without causing any pain. Therefore, after their treatments, patients achieve painless permanent hair reduction on all skin types.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Painless and comfortable treatments
  • Operator can apply 10 pulses-per-second in 1 fluid motion
  • Compact applicator allows flow and precision
  • Professional secure system perfectly suited for doctor offices and medical spas
  • This system utilizes 1000W
  • Low investment costs, and no disposables required for treatment
  • A comprehensive design ensuring a user-friendly experience
  • Powerful Water Cooling System Provides Painless Treatments
  • Simple navigation, wide and colorful touchscreen
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Free One-on-one training with licenced electrologist

Description of Handpiece

The handpiece has a lightweight design that allows for a very controlled and precise treatment. The large spot design also increases the depth of heat penetration and allows the hair follicle to absorb more energy, improving treatment effectiveness. Advanced cooling technology works to maintain a constant temperature. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the handpiece.

Zemits Technology

  1. 808nm suitable for all skin and hair. Sapphire Crystal 4℃ constant cooling, super and continuous protection of skin.
  2. Two modes are available: Aesthetic Mode with built-in settings and Professional Mode with adjustable specifications.
  3. 12mm x 20mm big spot size.
  4. Maximum output power to 2000W.
  5. 12 hours continuous working.
  6. A high-tech laser applicator with LED display allows to control the current settings and operation progress.
  7. The Zemits LazerDio also has a an advanced two-stage water filtration system.
  8. The first stage uses a PP cotton to filter out any impurities and prevent laser blockages.
  9. The second stage uses a special resin to filter out metal ions which avoids inner laser corrosion and prolonging system life.



    Powerful laser – 2000W – two times higher than the average equipment on market Unique cooling system takes just 4 seconds for rapid cooling to 4°C Up to 12-hours of continuous use 20 million shots guaranteed LazerDio gives you effective results in a shorter time Low investment costs, and no disposables required for treatment No costly consumables required. Just gel! Maximum return of investment.

    • Non-surgical treatment, gives opportunity to treat any part of the body
    • Painless, has no downtime or occlusive post-treatment care
    • More comfortable than traditional hair reduction treatments
    • Visible results after the first session.


    • Aesthetic Mode: Pre-set parameters for safe and easy use, key operated, minimal training required.
    • Professional Mode: Intuitive parameters with the ability to adjust settings in order to achieve the desired results. Ultimate mode for treatment accuracy and efficiency.

    Zemits Lazerdio

    Higher Power Single power up to 1000W

    High power and short pulse duration improves both comfort level and efficacy.
    A fast, comfortable and effective treatment is guaranteed.

    Large Spot Size

    The large spot size increases the depth of heat penetration and allows the hair follicle to absorb more energy, improving treatment effectiveness.

    Compressor Cooling System For Rapid Cooling

    The industrial grade compressor takes just 4 seconds to cool to 4℃.
    Temperature is maintained at a stable 4℃ even during constant high energy shot usage.
    This ensures excellent protection for the skin and a more comfortable experience for the client.

    Intelligent Temperature Monitoring System

    A high precision PT1000 temperature sensor is built into the applicator adopting a PID algorithm, which controls the Sapphire crystal temperature and maintains a constant 4℃, ensuring the skin is well protected.

    Double Filter, Twice The Protection

    Laserdio is fitted with an advanced two-stage water filtration system. The first stage adopts PP cotton to filter out impurities and prevent laser bloackages, the second stage uses a special resin to filter out metal ions, avoiding inner laser corrosion and prolonging system life.

    Automatic 24 Point Initiation Check

    When the machine is turned on, an automated 24 point system safety check is launched.
    This ensures it is in perfect working order and highlights any problems to the user in advance.

    Professional Pulse Constant Current Laser Power Supply

    Maximum current :100A,Maximum power : 2000W. The high power capacity provides sufficient energy for optimum results.
    The multistage steady flow system and high precision anti-shock function minimises impact on the laser, prolonging its life.

    Us Lasertel Imported Laser Bars

    The extremely high quality US manufactured laser bars allow for 20,000 hours of continuous laser usage; 20 million shots are guaranteed.

    High Quality Design Materials

    LaserDio's all-metal framework contained within the ABS plastic outer shell provides a robust and premium quality feel.
    The carefully designed water filtration and electricity separation also ensures the highest safety standard.

    Unique Secure Plug Socket Design

    with simple rotating switch to lock and unlock the applicator.

    Why choose Zemits?

    The beauty of Zemits LazerDio is it's absolute uniqueness compared to other brands on the market. Compared to other big-name brands, Zemits LazerDio uses up to 2000W making it twice higher power than most Diode lasers on the market.

    Zemits never requires a signed contract from your business in order to operate the LazerDio. This means that you have absolute financial freedom with your system and once it is paid, all profit is solely for your business.

    Instant visual results
    Customer Benefits
    Cosmetologist Benefits
    after treatments
    Safe and effective technologies
    and stable income
    Fast return on your investment
    Saves clients time
    each treatment lasts about 15-25 min
    Free one-on-one training
    with licensed estheticians
    12 month warranty
    and lifetime client support
    without downtime
    1-Year Warranty
    Free training
    Third Party Financing
    Videos & Protocols
    Marketing Support
    I always worried about the equipment that I ordered to the salon. My reputation is important to me, so I want to provide only high-quality cosmetic services. With this helps me products from Zemits. It is not only innovative but really safe, effective and powerful. And as a nice bonus, it has a stylish design! I always choose multifunctional duals to increase the number of services. Never had a malfunction. I also subscribed to the company's newsletter and now regularly receive letters with useful information. I am pleased! *
    *The results are completely individual. They depend on client's health and features.

    Zemits Reviews

    Jacky Ross
    Maria Lewis
    Choosing a company when opening your own beauty salon is also in a big city, where a lot of competition is very
    important. But with Zemits, I was definitely not mistaken. Brand advised a friend who also makes orders only from this company. I like the fact that the company constantly releases some new, cool products. It's like Apple but in the cosmetics business.
    In most countries, I have noticed big problems with logistics (and this is not a matter of logical companies, namely, in online stores). But Zemits has no problems with it at all. I've been making orders for the 2nd year (I ordered devices every six months) and there have never been delivery delays or failures. The goods always reached a maximum of a day after the agreed date, which was not important for me. There was a case when I had to arrange delivery 10 days after placing the order, and the company did everything as we agreed. And there was a moment when it was necessary to send urgently (the machine I needed was in stock, as I was informed then) and I actually received the goods after a couple of days. And even for such a simple reason, in any case, I will choose Zemits, even if they have prices higher than those of competitors.
    Caurtney Russell
    We appreciate your feedback!
    Spa Owner
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