Tattoo Removal Lasers Bundle

Tattoo Removal Lasers Bundle
CO2 + NdYag Lasers for Superior Results

Please meet the best Estie's Combo of 2024- the beautiful Zemits Aesthetic Pro Starter Kit.

Why Use CO2 and Nd Lasers Together?

Combining the power of CO2 and Nd
The Nd laser's precise, high-energy pulses effectively break down tattoo pigments deep within the skin, while the CO2 laser resurfaces and smooths the skin, promoting faster healing and enhanced skin texture. This dynamic duo ensures thorough ink removal and a smoother, rejuvenated skin surface, providing clients with optimal results and minimal downtime.

Where Innovation Meets Aesthetic Excellence

The Zemits CarbonFrax Pro CO2 Fractional Laser excels in skin resurfacing and collagen stimulation. Its 10600 nm wavelength allows for deep tissue ablation, making it highly effective for precise skin treatments. This FDA-cleared laser offers:

Customizable Treatment Patterns: Tailors procedures to individual needs.
Non-Ablative Mode: Provides a safe and effective approach to skin resurfacing.
Adjustable Spot-Size: Preserves delicate areas while delivering powerful results.
Rapid Healing: Fractional technology promotes quick recovery and dramatic results.

Erase, Refresh, Renew: Nd:YAG Zemits Laser

The Q-switch Nanosecond Laser Zemits YAGenix Nd is a proven solution for tattoo removal, using powerful 10-20 nanosecond light pulses to shatter tattoo ink into minuscule particles. These particles are safely absorbed and eliminated by the body, ensuring minimal trauma and optimal comfort. This technology makes it a reliable and virtually painless option for successful tattoo removal.

Dual Wavelength (1064nm/532nm): Penetrates deep to address various pigmentation concerns.
Advanced Cooling System: Ensures maximum comfort and safety during treatments.
User-Friendly Interface: Customizable settings for personalized treatment protocols.
Ergonomic Design: Optimizes precision and reduces operator fatigue.

Benefits of the Tattoo Removal Lasers Bundle

Comprehensive Tattoo Removal: Effectively removes a wide range of tattoo colors and depths.
Enhanced Skin Texture: CO2 laser promotes smoother, rejuvenated skin post-treatment.
Minimal Downtime: Advanced cooling systems and non-ablative modes reduce recovery time.
Precision and Comfort: Ensures precise ink removal with minimal trauma and optimal comfort.

Invest in Superior Results

By choosing the Zemits Tattoo Removal Lasers Bundle, you invest in the most advanced technology for superior tattoo removal outcomes. Enhance your practice's offerings with the combined power of CO2 and Nd lasers, delivering exceptional results and satisfaction for your clients.

Advanced Training Program

Zemits is committed to providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the potential of the CoolRestore Elegance. Our advanced training program ensures that you and your staff are well-equipped to deliver safe and effective treatments, resulting in outstanding outcomes for your clients.
A-Esthetic's certified educators have 30+ years of experience.
With our combined experience, we have created the most complete and advanced online training course for Zemits CoolRestore Elegance.
You will have completely FREE access to the customized online training course and Q&A session with our educators.
We will provide you with the Certificate of Completion after you successfully complete your training course.


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