Zemits Bodyluxx Pro

Zemits BodyLuxx Pro
Percussion Massage Device



This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.

This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.

Experience Ultimate Muscle Relief and Recovery with the Zemits BodyLuxx Pro

This innovative device seamlessly merges the therapeutic power of percussive massage with solid metal heads, known as MetalMomentum Wave: the power of metal in a dynamic, forward-moving technology, giving you a blissfully smooth and comfortable massage that targets pain and accelerates your body’s healing process.
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Releases tension and muscle knots
  • Accelerates recovery
  • Improves mobility and range of motion

Core Features of BodyLuxx Pro

Powerful Deep-Tissue MetalMomentum Wave: Penetrates deep into muscle tissues, providing effective relief from pain, tension, and fatigue.
5 Speed Adjustable Percussion: Customize your massage with five adjustable speed settings, providing tailored percussion for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
Rechargeable Battery: Long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted massage sessions without frequent recharges.
3 Solid Metal Heads: Durable and reliable, these heads provide precise and intense massage for deep muscle relief.
Professional Strength: Professional-grade strength for serious muscle recovery and pain relief, perfect for athletes and those in need of effective pain management.

How ZEMITS BODYLUXX PRO is different from basic percussion massage guns

The key difference between the Zemits BodyLuxx PRO and generic percussion massage guns lies in its unique solid metal heads and the professional strength of its percussion, which creates the MetalMomentum Wave.

This advanced technology not only sets it apart but also offers significant benefits:
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness and Fatigue: The MetalMomentum Wave penetrates deeply into muscle tissue, effectively reducing soreness and fatigue, making it ideal for post-workout recovery or managing chronic muscle stress.
  • Relieves Pain and Discomfort: Its intense, targeted percussion therapy helps alleviate pain and discomfort by breaking down lactic acid buildup and promoting blood circulation.
  • Releases Tension and Muscle Knots: The solid metal heads are specifically designed to work out muscle knots and tension, providing relief where standard massage guns might fall short.
  • Accelerates Recovery: By enhancing blood flow and reducing inflammation, the BodyLuxx PRO speeds up the body's natural recovery process, helping you bounce back faster from physical exertion.
  • Improves Mobility and Range of Motion: Regular use of the BodyLuxx PRO can lead to improved mobility and flexibility, as it helps to loosen tight muscles and joints, thereby enhancing your overall range of motion

Targeted Relief with BodyLuxx Pro Percussion Gun: Zone Applications

The BodyLuxx Pro Percussion Gun is designed to provide targeted relief and enhance recovery across multiple areas of your body. Here’s where you can use this powerful device for maximum benefit:

  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Upper Back and Lower Back
  • Arms
  • Hands and Wrists
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Hips and Glutes
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Feet

With the BodyLuxx Pro Percussion Gun, you can experience comprehensive muscle care, tailored to your specific needs. Unlock the potential for faster recovery and greater comfort in every zone of your body.

Experience the Advantage of 3 Replaceable Solid Metal Heads

Large Head: Back: Ideal for broad areas like the upper and lower back, providing deep and comprehensive muscle relief. Thighs: Perfect for large muscle groups such as the quadriceps and hamstrings, helping to reduce soreness and improve recovery. Hips and Glutes: Effectively targets the hips and gluteal muscles, releasing tension and enhancing mobility.

Medium Head: Arms: Suitable for biceps, triceps, and forearms, relieving muscle fatigue and improving circulation. Calves: Great for the calves, reducing cramps and promoting muscle relaxation. Chest: Useful for the chest area to alleviate tightness and improve muscle tone.

Small Head: Hands and Wrists: Provides precise relief for hands and wrists, combating strain from repetitive motions. Feet: Targets specific areas on the feet to soothe aches, enhance flexibility, and reduce plantar fasciitis symptoms. Neck and Shoulders: Ideal for the neck and shoulders, helping to relieve stiffness and tension from daily stress.

Boost Your Practice with BodyLuxx Pro Percussion Gun

Enhance your massage therapy practice with the BodyLuxx Pro Percussion Gun. Key benefits for massage therapists include:
  • Deeper Muscle Penetration: Achieve effective muscle relaxation effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Pain Relief: Quickly address specific pain points with precision.
  • Improved Efficiency: Reduce physical strain and fatigue, maintaining energy throughout the day.
  • Customization: Tailor sessions with varying intensity levels to meet client needs.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: Provide advanced therapy leading to higher client loyalty and satisfaction.
Return on Investment
According to our customer's feedback, it usually takes up to 4-5 weeks to return on your investment, if you are an existing business with established clientele. You can expect about 2-2.5 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clientele.
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Fast return on your investment
Saves clients time
each treatment lasts about 15-25 min
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with licensed estheticians
24 month warranty
and lifetime client support
without downtime


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Results may vary/may not be typical. Reviews or testimonials may be fictionalized.

This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

I always worried about the equipment that I ordered to the salon. My reputation is important to me, so I want to provide only high-quality cosmetic services. With this helps me products from Zemits. It is not only innovative but really safe, effective and powerful. And as a nice bonus, it has a stylish design! I always choose multifunctional duals to increase the number of services. Never had a malfunction. I also subscribed to the company's newsletter and now regularly receive letters with useful information. I am pleased! *
*The results are completely individual. They depend on client's health and features.

Zemits Reviews

Jacky Ross
Maria Lewis
Choosing a company when opening your own beauty salon is also in a big city, where a lot of competition is very
important. But with Zemits, I was definitely not mistaken. Brand advised a friend who also makes orders only from this company. I like the fact that the company constantly releases some new, cool products. It's like Apple but in the cosmetics business.
In most countries, I have noticed big problems with logistics (and this is not a matter of logical companies, namely, in online stores). But Zemits has no problems with it at all. I've been making orders for the 2nd year (I ordered devices every six months) and there have never been delivery delays or failures. The goods always reached a maximum of a day after the agreed date, which was not important for me. There was a case when I had to arrange delivery 10 days after placing the order, and the company did everything as we agreed. And there was a moment when it was necessary to send urgently (the machine I needed was in stock, as I was informed then) and I actually received the goods after a couple of days. And even for such a simple reason, in any case, I will choose Zemits, even if they have prices higher than those of competitors.
Caurtney Russell
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Spa Owner
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