Zemits EcliPure

Zemits EcliPure
FDA- Cleared LED Light System for Neck Rejuvenation


Zemits EcliPure
Youthful Neck, Ageless Look

“60-70% of women who regularly care for their neck skin feel more confident in their overall appearance.”

Experience the magic of rejuvenation with our Red & Blue light therapy device, a masterpiece that's both FDA-cleared and endorsed by dermatologists.
Clinically proven to deliver stunning anti-aging and skin revitalizing results, it's an essential tool for estheticians aiming to elevate their clients' skin results.

Enhance Your Skincare
Beyond the Face

The neck area, delicate and often overlooked, needs as much attention as your facial skin. The Zemits EcliPure device, with its cutting-edge design, specifically targets this frequently ignored area, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment.
This hands-free, cordless device offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to use it anywhere, anytime.
Unlike other self-care devices that require manual operation and often get neglected, the Zemits EcliPure stands out for its ease of use.
No manual handling, no need to close your eyes - just wear it and continue with your day.

Why Neck Rejuvenation is Essential

  • Red Light: Smooth and reduce full-face wrinkles, offering clients a youthful glow.
  • Blue Light: Effectively treat mild to moderate acne, promoting clearer skin.
  • Infrared Light: Enhance circulation, promote relaxation, relieve muscle discomfort.
  • Mixed Light: A powerful combination for comprehensive neck treatment.
Incorporate neck rejuvenation to provide a complete anti-aging solution. Addressing this often-neglected area ensures your clients enjoy a fully youthful and refreshed appearance.

Elite Selfcare Quality,
Client-Friendly Pricing

Similar to many professional skincare treatments, consistent sessions are key for enduring benefits with LED light therapy.
For estheticians, the Zemits EcliPure represents a dual opportunity:
not only can you use it to enhance your own professional practice, but it's also an ideal retail product to offer your clients.
This device delivers professional-grade quality. It allows both you and your clients to enjoy quick, 10-minute skin treatments anytime, anywhere, bringing professional-grade selfcare right into the home.

A Perfect Neck Treatment
LED TYPE: Red, Infrared, Blue

Red: 620nm Blue: 460nm Infrared: 850nm
Red light: 2.0~3.0 mW/cm2
Blue light:2.0~4.0 mW/cm2
Infrared light: 2.0~4.0 mW/cm2

  • 2-Year Warranty for device
  • 1- Year Warranty for controller
  • Flexible silicone Neck device
  • Rechargeable controller
  • Power supply & plug adapter
  • Adjustable straps
What is Zemits EcliPure ?
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