Zemits OcuRelax
Relaxing Eye Massage



This esthetic device is intended for cosmetic use only. This esthetic device is not intended to be used to treat or diagnose any medical condition.

This esthetic device is intended to be used by estheticians and skincare providers. This esthetic device is not intended to be used by doctors or healthcare providers.

This esthetic device is not intended to be used in medical nor surgical purposes. This esthetic device does not affect the structure of deep skin tissues.

Zemits OcuRelax

Relaxing Eye Massage
The Zemits OcuRelax Eye Massager is the perfect add-on signature feature to your spa services.
Add it to any of the body treatments, and while your clients receive their massage, cavitation, cryo or any other body contouring treatment, let them relax and enjoy the amazing eye massage. Simple, yet highly effective.
Zemits OcuRelax can help you stand out from your competitors and increase client retention.
The Zemits OcuRelax Eye Massager comes standard with 3 message settings to help relieve tired and strained eyes; decrease dark circles and edema; drastically improve blood and lymph circulation, and bring that healthy glow and fresh look.
This device was built with portability in mind; therefore it features a rechargeable battery and a foldable design. The heated massaging technology, together with the innovative intelligent air pressure system, provides a pleasant and therapeutic experience.

Eye Massage Benefits

The eye massager relieves headaches, sinus pressure, and strain around the eyes from daily life by directly targeting acupuncture points around the eyes. Users mention a very relaxing sensation during the treatment, as well as fresh, and younger looking skin appearance after the treatment.
Simultaneous experience of the body treatment and eye massage leave an unforgettable high-end spa experience.
Heated soft compression

The Zemits OcuRelax Eye Massager helps to increase local blood flow and circulation around the eyes by gently increasing heat during each massage. Heat has been used for generations to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and decrease eye strain and puffiness.

High - Quality Materials

The Zemits OcuRelax is made with safe and high-quality materials to deliver the best experience possible.
Stand out from your competitors.
When everyone else offers classical services, be different. Let your clients fall in love with this unique product.

Use OcuRelax with:

  • Cavitation
  • Vacuum Massage
  • Pressotherapy
  • CryoTherapy
  • LaserLipo
  • Non-Invasive BBL
  • EMS Muscle Sculpting
  • Manicures / Pedicures
Preset Modes
  • The device is very easy to use
  • Press and hold the button to turn it on. The first mode will start, which includes:
  • Compression
  • Heating
  • Relaxing Music
  • Simply double press the button to turn the music off

Press again to switch modes to the next mode:
  • Compression
  • Relaxing Music

Press again to switch modes to the next mode:
  • Heating
  • Relaxing Music
Instant visual results
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36-Month Warranty
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Return on Investment
According to our customer's feedback, it usually takes up to 4-5 weeks to return on your investment, if you are an existing business with established clientele. You can expect about 2-2.5 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clientele.
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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Results may vary/may not be typical. Reviews or testimonials may be fictionalized.

This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

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