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Zemits VividVizo

Magnifier LED Head Attachment


Zemits VividVizo

Zemits VividVizo is a professional tool that is used by skincare specialists for up close and hands free skin analyze using one of the specific magnifying lenses and focused and bright LED light.

Zemits VividVizo comes in set with interchangeable lenses in the protective case, built-in bright white LED illumination, detachable elastic headband.
Light source is adjustable and swivels in 45° for better vision.


The 1X to 2.5X magnifying lenses are ideal for hands free detailed applications, while the 3.5X lens is perfect for more precise operations.

Comes with a detachable head strap. The arms of the glasses can be removed to attach the head strap to the lenses.

Can be used by estheticians, injectors, nurses, doctors, etc.