Zemits EquiSheer

Zemits EquiSheer
Machine Cleansing and Sanitizing Solution, 16 fl oz


Cleansing and Sanitizing Solution for HydroDermabrasion Machines

This solution is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning your Hydrodermabrasion equipment. Only use a serum-based skin resurfacing device to flush after treatment or at the end of the treatment day. To avoid product component buildup, Zemits EquiSheer Machine Cleansing and Sanitizing Solution is used.
Zemits EquiSheer is an excellent way to keep your Hydrodermabrasion machine in good working order, as it prevents build-up and may even extend the life of the machine.
Benefits of Zemits EquiSheer:
  • After each use, only 5 ml of EquiSheer solution is required to clean the HydroDermabrasion System.


  • Water (Aqua),
  • Butylene Glycol,
  • Phenoxyethanol,
  • Ethylhexylglycerin.

Frequently asked questions

To clean the HYDRODERMABRASION machine, follow these steps:
Usage 5ml of Zemits EquiSheer to cleanse the tubing and wands from the inside after each use.

Follow the instructions below while using the Classical HydroDermabrasion System with jars:

- Fill jar A with 5ml Zemits EquiSheer
- Attach one of the wand's tips
- Place your thumb on the tip while wearing gloves to create vacuum suction.
- Start the machine and run all of the Zemits EquiSheer through it.
- Leave the jars open overnight to air dry.

Follow the instructions below while using the Fluid HydroDermabrasion System without jars:

- To 4X4 facial pads, add 5ml Zemits EquiSheer.
- Use one of the tips to attach to the hydrodermabrasion wand.
- With gloves on, set the wand's working end on a 4X4 facial pad soaked with Zemits EquiSheer solution.
- Start the machine and set the suction to maximum.
- Allow the vacuum suction to absorb and pass through the tubing the cleansing solution from the pad.
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